I've Landed!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not Everybody Hates a Hypochondriac

     Ok.  So I will go ahead and admit it.  Not only am I old, I am divorced.
     My divorce, which happened so long ago it probably doesn't even count as history, was not a surprise because there were portents of things to come long before the Big Finale.  Of course I was oblivious.
     The first hint of the coming Big Finale actually came long before I met the man I married.  It came in the exasperated voice of my mother.  "For God's sake, Riverwatch!  Shut up!  A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave man dies but once!"
     Later on my husband would echo that disdain.  "I'm going to tell you this:  if you don't quit examining yourself I am going to divorce you!!!"  and he did.   He was involved with another woman, but let's not get issues too mixed up. I was always under condemnation for my hypochondria!  Apparently he wanted someone who was REALLY sick!
     And then my former doc (I no longer go to him!) who always said, "My God!  It scares me to death every time you bring out that list!  Just tell me what your number one problem is."
     "My number one problem is I am going down globally!  Help me!"
     Doctors love money, and it wasn't that I didn't represent coins in this doc's coffer.......it just wasn't easy money.
     Nope, docs do not like me.
     "Let's get something easy in here for me to cure...say  like hemorrhagic fever."
     Nope, experienced physcians do not like to see me coming through the door.  My present doctor is truly kind as well as competent, but I am not sure she actually likes to see me show up.
At least she asks to keep my list of scary symptoms so I always type my list these days.  She  is kind.  Tolerant. Competent .

     But it is the charlatans and quacks who LOVE me!.
     They really do!
     "Going down globally?  What a pleasure to serve you!"  

Can I just say one thing about charlatans and quacks?


Kindness sells.

Call me a fool if you must.  I now think they have their contribution to make.  They sell kindness.

Kindness has a huge impact on the human spirit.....and thus upon the immune system.

Charlatans and Quacks sell kindness and caring.....or a good imitation of it.  
Business is booming.

I appreciate you,
Riverwatch, RN