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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hey, Baby Boomers!

Hey , Baby Boomers  (ages 48-66 in the year of our Lord  2012)

Did you see that scarey little article by Stern and Heavey 8/15/12 of Reuters?
"Will Baby Boomers Live as Long as Expected?"   These authors were rattling  on about the state of your health.
Studies refining the trajectories for American lifespans have a Frowny  Face for you!

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Did you know that?  I didn't.  Did you know you have increased rates of obesity, increased rates of cancer, and  increased rates of suicide?!  Of course you are living longer (except for those suicides) but you are SICKER, ie, increased frailty, increased risk from cardiovascular disease, and increased declining cognitive functioning.

I am always stunned at some of these lofty studies.
Ever since I wrote a letter to my congressman informing him I am Pro-Choice and why, and he wrote back thanking me for my Pro-Life support I have NOT been blinded by dazzling statistical data!
You shouldn't be blinded by the data either.
I am a nurse, and I smell a political rat here.
Sure enough, after spreading gloom the article dropped into the Social Security Math issue.    As if!    Like I am surprised.

I read some of the comments following the article and mostly they were "buy in" to the "OMG" ambiance.
However, one person caught my attention.  He said half of his classmates were already dead.  And he noticed that people born  earlier...1917..lived much longer.
He is on to something.  My cousins and I have noticed the same thing.  Most of our parents and grandparents lived to be really really old....and members of our generation are dropping like flies.....not necessarily dead, but sick.

Ok, here it is folks.  We are living in a very toxic environment, not the least of which is the Electro-Magnetic Field that fuels our Information Age.  Look it up.


Read the book on Dirty Electricity.
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Find us a solution.  Before that cognitive decline becomes apparent.

Your older sibling who still has faith in you,
Hey, I am not that much older.