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Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Frankly, It's a topic I'm not interested in."

      The news lately is full of self righteous men speaking un-supportively, self-importantly and ignorantly regarding crimes of power against women.
     In their book, rape is a poorly defined term that always needs clarification.  There is Legitimate Rape (Akin), and there is Forcible Rape (Ryan)  , and Invited Rape ("you asked for it!" raging talk on radio), and Invented Rape (non-legitimate) , and Incest (Not REALLY Rape because the child "participated") and Marital Relations (Unwilling does not make it Rape)  and then there is Sodomy which is not REALLY Rape, and  Attempted Rape.  Oh, the list goes on, but I am getting sick!
     If you listen carefully to such men, you will hear strange belief systems like "the unborn fetus has rights that supercede the rights of the (impregnated) woman...because #1. the man who helped make the fetus has more rights than the hormonal unbalanced woman and #2. the fetus has nobody to protect it but Society".........(you know, Society, who has no intention of protecting, loving and supporting the unwanted child once it arrives)!
     Such men go on to cry , "What was the alleged rape victim wearing?"
"How many lovers did she have relations with BEFORE the alleged rape?"  "Did the rape actually injure her?"

Rape is a crime of Power.
And so is the modern day stoning of the victim.
Crimes of Power.

     I asked one of my grown sons why men are so afraid of women that they have to try to hang onto power over women and their bodies.
He said, "Mom, this is a topic I am not even remotely interested in. It does not apply to the young men of my generation.  It is a generational thing.  Men like Romney, Ryan, Akin, Rush, Russo, Miner and other old men who stereotype women and put them in male-defined roles for women are fading slowly from the scene.  Young men of my generation do not view women the same way those old guys do.  It is a generational thing.  I just am not interested in this topic."

It is not that I disbelieve my son.  He speaks true.  It's just I am a woman and I know this thing is about Power.
Power raises its evil head again and again and again, generation after generation after generation.
                    But that's a blog for another day.

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