I've Landed!

Monday, August 13, 2012

A W A K E !!

Yep, middle of the night and I am wide awake.
Woke up coughing from the old reflux problem.  When I was young, I would wake up easily and smartly anytime I coughed and then settle back down to sleep.
Now.....not so much.  I struggle to come to consciousness and when I finally am awake, I think how nice I finally woke up before choking to death.
No, I haven't "settled back down to sleep".  I am ....unnerved.
So I have been cruising the internet looking up all the symptoms of all the things that are or could be wrong in my body.
To worry or not to worry?  That is the question.
I am a nurse, and I can tell you there is a lot of stupid medical info out there on the internet.   I peruse it anyway.

OK, so I switched to watching YouTube like my grandchildren do.  That will take your mind off yourself in a hurry!
Gotta remember to keep my eyes on the Rising Generation.  They show you how to live!

No, old people don't show you how to live!  Young people show you how to live.  Old people show you how to back off, lay low, and die.  I am tremendously grateful for my old friends (even if some are new).

Only God shows you how to both live and die.  We live and die unto Him.  We did not call ourselves into existence.  We are His.  Whatever landscape we are upon, we can look to Him to know all about it.
I am glad  I have lived long enough to realize that He is not freaked out by my sins and failures.
I feel He is happy with my successes.  My successes are His successes because He made me.. allowed me...upheld me.

Obama did not make me, allow me or uphold me!  So smoke that in your pipe, Mr. President.