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Monday, December 28, 2015

A Sort of Peace

The Fallen of World War II

An amazing video of numbers, and the hope of the peace of cooperation instead of competition:
This video helped me see Russia with increased respect.
      I do not interact at the pause for interactive, but I allow the fascinating numbers to continue. 


May your New Year be a  happy one,

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Nativity

Mother Earth, she is a changing.
Father Moonlight , so silent, stands guard.

Whispers of the Universe are growing louder.

Humanity groans under the weight of its brothers and sisters,
and peace is like a shroud that can only be pierced by love and hope.

A long time ago, a baby was born bringing hope.
For centuries we the western world celebrated his birth and clung to hope
because Mother Earth, she was a changing
while Father Moonlight stood guard,  silently illuminating Mother Earth.

Fifty years ago we were still celebrating divine Hope in public schools and public places.

We colored pictures of Jesus, even if we weren't Christian,
and nobody converted.
Hope like a treatment for all the ills of earth drifted over our needy children,
tugged gently at the hopelessness of powerless children,
and whispered of a Universe filled with wonderful possibilities.

And nobody converted.

We ate cookies and marveled at the Nativity Scene on our school lawn.
And nobody converted,
Hope hung around like an invisible uplifting current,
as we practiced kindness and remembered the worth of poor people for a season.

The rich do not know this,
but the replica of the nativity scene reminds us, the poor people,
that Jesus was born in stark poverty as a sign that he had come to uplift and empower the poor.

The theme of uplifting and impowering the poor runs all through the Bible.  
That theme shows up in the Koran. 
All great religions protect and help the poor and speak of the worth of the poor.  
Bringing  hope. 

Divine solutions.

Saint Francis of Assisi introduced the practice of having replicas of nativity scenes at Christmas some 800 years ago.
When Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina was elected pope recently, he named himself after this man of Assisi in Italy who introduced replicas of nativity scenes at Christmas.

America, the land of hope, has given up the Nativity.  
We trash the story of Jesus's birth.  

The poor are not forgotten, just demeaned as less valuable.
We help them, not because of who they are, but because of who we are.

Now we see public schools banishing any divine theme of hope 
to give to those kids who tread the halls in despair.
We forego giving hope that touches souls.
We prescibe pills instead.
Lots of pills.

We give shallow presents and Ho Ho Ho at our public institutions.
We prefer mopping up blood in public schools and explaining away hopelessness 
instead of allowing divine soft solutions.

I read on the internet, therefore it must be true, that every teenage shooter in American schools was found to have been on medication for depression.  
Hopelessness fueled by mind-bending drugs.

"Take away the guns!"   "Give higher doses of those pills!"   "Hire more counselors!"

Isaiah 9:6 
For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government will be upon his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.


The Nativity.  It is mostly for the hopeless and the poor and the despairing.
But you might like it, too.

Thank you for caring enough to drop by,
Riverwatch, no longer poor

Saturday, December 12, 2015

I am so last season.

Do you find yourself saying the things your mother said to you when you were young? Photo: Fotolia / Julia - Fotolia

One of my sons came to visit, his smart phone in his hand.

"Here, Mom,  I have to show you something your one and only daughter posted on facebook."


Oh, my gosh!  I am so pleased!

"Oh, my gosh", I blurt out.  "I am 71 and my daughter finally gets it!"

"Mom!" he replies in a shocked voice.  "This is not about you!  You are history!  This is about HER daughter who just quit college.  You are history."

O M G!!  He said that to me while I am still living!

I am 71 and I am history.

Living History.

Oh My Gosh,  I'm beginning to sound like Hillary.

thanks for the wave,

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Doubt your doubts?

Recently, in a Mormon World Wide General Conference , one of the highest leaders admonished church members to "Doubt your doubts."

A world-wide message:  "doubt your doubts".

Say what?

I beg to differ.

What we all need to doubt is our certainties.

Have you ever been certain about something?  How did that work out for you?

Doubt is uncomfortable.

Certainty is absurd.

Doubt pushes us further into understanding and growth...enlarges our boundaries......is PROGRESS.

Certainty can be a trap.  "The road stops here!"
Image result for images of a dead end signwallpaperspal.com

Beware our certainties.

I have been certain before and I can tell you Certainty is intoxicating!

It is so harsh to sober up.

It is pitiful to find the apple juice of uncertainty
instead of the Wine of Certainty.
And I am certain about that!

The opposite of faith is not doubt.

The opposite of faith is Certainty.

God has called us to faith.

Only man calls us to certainty.

Oh, the joy ride of intoxicating certainty.
                   Image result for images of a wonderful joy ridetorrentsgames.org

Oh, the peek into a struggling religion:  Doubt your doubts, you doubters!

Thanks for whizzing by,

Friday, November 20, 2015

Multiply and Replenish the Earth

Climate Realism

Image result for images of fields of poppiesdailymail.co.uk

Princeton Physicist Dr. Will Happer: 'Policies to slow CO2 emissions are really based on nonsense. We are being led down a false path. 
To call carbon dioxide a pollutant is really Orwellian. 

You are calling something a pollutant that we all produce. Where does that lead us eventually?'

Read more: http://www.climatedepot.com/2015/11/19/scientists-declare-un-climate-summit-goals-irrational-based-on-nonsense-leading-us-down-a-false-path/#ixzz3s2XZmA3u


Or as we say in nursing, "Step away.  You are standing on his oxygen tube."

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Is This a Competition????

Is  This a Competition????

Ordinarily I love compliments but when anybody starts in on how "young" I look , I get very uncomfortable.  They are either blind, or unaware of what I really look like, or putting pressure on me to not be my age!

So when my thirteen year old granddaughter started in with the "you are so young, grandma!" comments, I objected!

I objected so loudly I offended her .

Her indignant reply:  "Well, I only have my other grandparents to compare you with and one of them is all crumpled up in bed and the other is dead!!!!!"

Ok.  We have a winner.

I am a winner.

False victory, false victory, false victory.

Thanks for visiting the blog of an aging person.
I really do appreciate it.

Live long and prosper.
Try not to crumple up.

Good luck,

The battle against natural aging is one that , eventually, we all will lose.
We are all in this together.

Well, as good old Mom said as I gazed in the mirror,
"It's only skin deep.  You best be practicing kindness and curbing your razor tongue.  Those are the things that last."

PS  Have you noticed my tongue is silky, not sharp?  I hope so.  I have worked hard.  And I have the wrinkles to prove it!


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Re-posting "Victory"

Internal and External

Get your feet there, and your heart will follow.
Get your heart there, and your feet will follow.
So they say.

My Latino Mormon friend with her abundance of exuberance and straight flowing stream of emotions and reactions, taught me one of her secrets of successful faith .
Of course faith is always successful, but often we do not see that..... ....
..............we see the gap, and not the fruition.

Not so with Fina.  Fina kept a "prayer book".              

"I talk to Jesus about everything, even my dirty oven.  He cares.  He helps me .  He answers my prayers.  I write down my prayer supplications...I BEG Him.....and then I go back and write in the answers to my prayers, when they come.  Try it, Riverwatch.  You will realize, you will see,  how involved He is in your life if you want Him to be."

Not everybody has this kind of faith
                                                  or even wants it!

My wonderful pastor says prayer is not about a list of things you want/need!

But then my pastor was never a Mormon.

Image result for images of woman standing calling upon God
My pastor says faith is not about believing,
but is about being in right relationship with  God.

Heck, I believe that.
I also believe nothing will put you in right relationship with God faster than being in a foxhole!

Maybe I have been there.
No helmet.
No gun and bayonet.

"I am not a worm!


After Fina's enthusiastic discourse on faith-building, I decided to keep a prayer book, like Fina.

Almost unbelievable.
Prayer after prayer answered.
Sometimes with a No.   A denied request that safeguarded me or others from an unforeseen adverse happening that only became apparent later.

Sometimes, in fact fairly often, my request would be granted in a different way (a better way and a better outcome) than I had requisitioned. Amazing.  It is true He ignores our advice!  I thank Him for that!
Often the answer came as inspiration, my heart and mind having been opened by prayer.

Some prayers remained unanswered for months....even a year or two....while I continued to pray...and then the prayer was miraculously answered.

My faith in being in relationship with God increased.
My ability to see His Hand in my life increased, even when the answer to my prayer was "no".
My conscious awareness of His love and interest increased exponentially.

Gratitude inudated my being.

My knowledge of God increased because I could see He was never "put off" by petty prayers.
In fact if you think about it in the big picture, most of our prayers are probably petty and paltry.
He is our Father.  He knows the End from the Beginning and He has an amazing ability to love us and see our (petty?) concerns as real and significant to us in the here and now.

I wonder if prayer is about Him putting Himself in relationship with us in a manner that is "right" for us?
He knows what we need before we ask, but He still wants us to experience prayer.
In other words, if we don't pray, He is still looking out for us, but we are not allowing Him  to develop relationship with us.
Perhaps He wants to be in relationship with us just as we long to be in relationship with our toddler children.

After a few years I gave up keeping a prayer book.
It was time consuming, and I had proved to myself the efficacy of prayer.

No need for more entries in the book.Image result for images of note book

The prayer book had made visible to me the fruition of faith.

I had a need for secret prayers,
because there is nothing like finding a person's prayer book to cause a family crisis!

(Face it.  Even now, a couple of thousand years later, reading about those holier-than-thou Pharisees and their street-corner public prayers, we think they need a smack. ) 

Secret or public, internal or external,  in my world the victory belongs to Christ.

Thank you for this visit,

As my mom always warned, "Be careful what you pray for.  You may get it."

Sunday, November 8, 2015

"Thanks. I rode my bicycle here."

Those centenarians!  Even "almost" centenarians.
How dare they have wit when they are so old and frail.

Marj is just  so frail and so brainy.
She says she is sick and tired of thinking so much because "at my age there is nothing to think about but depressing things.  I need to quit thinking!  I don't want to do anything either!!!  But I don't want people to think I am negative."

                      Image result for images of an old woman on a bikefabulousfaces.com

Ahh.  So you think you are going to outgrow caring how you are viewed?

Here's a clue:  if you care what others think about you when you are 20, you will no doubt stand in front of a mirror at age 100 trying to make it all look better, you will monitor your own language and choice of words and you will groom and you will impulsively apologize from time to time for living so long.

Those folks who don't give a hoot what others think about them when they are 100 probably did not give a hoot what others thought when they were 20.  

Marj had to drive....yes, she is a licensed driver.....to Sav-on to get a prescription refilled.
Standing ....yes, standing....in line she suddenly felt hands or a dog or something on her frail weak leg.  Frightened, she looked down and some woman was rolling her pant-leg down.
"I have no idea how one of my pant legs got rolled up!  I know I dressed, " she told me later.
Marj looked down at the woman.
"Thanks" she said.  "I rode my bicycle here."

                                                                                     Image result for images of an old woman on a bikeskutik.deviantart.com

Thanks for buzzing by,

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Benefactress

The Benefactress
How To Tell If You Are Old

Vacation was so great and so restful that I climbed aboard the plane for home, happy and energized and without pain.   I am young again!

Upon arriving home, duties and fatigue set in.

My shoulders were aching in spite of having checked my only bag and having jettisoned my carry-on so I could be as free as a bird.

                                                                                                                   (Gif Shortener) giphy.com

On land again, reality set in.
The fridge was empty.  Tired or not, I needed to shop.
Old age did not totally reappear until I was checking out at Walmart.
I could not find my debit card, having unwittingly left it behind at the gas station.
Dang it.
The line of people behind me at the check-out was getting longer and longer and noodle-like with their bland stares and limp stances.
Yet the woman right behind me in line was a happy camper.
About 35 or so, she was smiling kindly as she watched me fumble.
"I have a goal that I started this year", she said to me.

If she hadn't been so filled with light and bright and good will, I might have said acidly, "Good For You!".
Instead I, being goal oriented myself, said, "Oh."

"Yes", she said.  "My goal is to buy groceries for people."   I looked at her.
Is she rich?                          
If she is rich  what is she doing at Walmart?

"Well, good luck with that goal, " and I turned back to my own dilemma, this time accidently spilling the contents of my purse on the floor and having to bend down to retrieve everything,   
I was old.
I was pathetic.

This woman behind me said with deep respect,
"Wouldn't it be great if somebody paid for all your groceries and you never had to pay for them yourself ever again?"

I just looked up at her kind and smiling face.  I don't multi-task very well anymore but a thought of "that's heaven" flitted through my brain.
But I was busy looking for change to pay for the Arrowhead bottle of water I had half finished.

Image result for images for old woman spilling her pursedailymail.co.uk

A hasty plan was made with the surely new cashier, that my groceries would be "suspended" and held for me to return with my debit card.  
I started walking away without my cart of groceries and the bright young woman ran after me.

 "I'm paying for your groceries so you need to come back and take them."

I started to protest, even argue and she shushed me.
"This would bring so much pleasure to me, how can you deny me?"

So I was lead back to receive my cart by a smiling young woman.
"To whom do I say thank you?" I asked.
She extended her hand for me to shake. "Jen".
"Thank you, Jen."

I walked away,  a person of worth.
When I unloaded my groceries into my car and climbed in, there was my debit card on the seat.

I started to cry.
The tears clued me in that God  had visited me with an earth angel to take away my  feeling of being unequal to the most-favored-people on earth, to let me know I belong because I am His.
I felt honored and loved.
I felt upheld by God.

It was never about the groceries.

And I remembered Pastor's most recent sermon:
"There are those who give of their abundance and there are those who give of their very sustenance."
Pastor's voice became trembly as he tried to describe the feelings he experienced recently in Russia 
when Christians there gave of their very sustenance to sustain him.

There is the giving from abundance that helps make the world go round.
And that is good.

Then there is the giving that defies reason,
         that is even better because the love and honor build you up,
                                    both giver and receiver .

I would thank Jen again, but somehow you can seldom do that for earth angels.
They appear and disappear so rapidly.
So.....thank you, God, for Jen and all other earth angels flitting about our world.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Miss and Stick

Miss and Stick Talks  ("I know this church is TRUE!")
Memories & Tales of Mormon Sacrament Meetings

Trust me when I tell you that Mormon Sacrament Meetings are by and large, b o r i n g.
Most Mormons will admit that but then some go on to remind you that "Endure to the End" is as much about Sacrament Meeting as about anything.

Since once upon a time I was a Mormon, I should know.  Looking around at the bored people in Mormon Sacrament Meeting, I used to think, "If this is the true church, why are they all so unhappy?  Why do they look so unhappy?  Do they not believe this church is true?"

It is so boring that many activities take place among the audience.
Kids, of course, are eating cheerios and coloring and marking in books, playing with Daddy's car keys, sorting through Mommy's purse.

Teenage girls are playing with their own long hair,
over and over and over and over running their fingers through their own hair
and tossing their head seductively for the crowd.             

Teenage boys are eyeing the girls and snickering and tossing tiny objects at the unsuspecting.

Old folks are day dreaming or nodding off.

Mom's are writing out their grocery lists,

 or are making multiple trips to the hall way to get a break "for the sake of the babies".

Dad's are stoic.  Usually.  Rarely somebody comes unglued and somebody's kid gets marched out of the Sanctuary in a huff.
There is of course texting from adults and teenagers.

But my all-time favorite activity going on in the crowd was from a teenage girl named Lucy who was so completely bored she wrote a book in Sacrament Meeting!  
My teenage children alerted me to the book activity.  "It is a scream, Mom".

So what was the book about?  A simple log on "testimonies" given at the microphone by speakers.
Once a month there is open microphone for testimony bearing so all the audience gets a chance to be brave and go to the microphone.....
but testimony bearing is a commandment so usually even the assigned talks given by members during any Mormon Sacrament Meeting during the month contain some iota of testimony-bearing.  

Lucy was cataloging them all.  Her book was divided by subtitles.

She kept tract of the "testimony of self" (like a selfie) that was mostly a brag.  This was the largest section of the book.  BORING.

The next largest section of the hand written book was the section on testimony on one's own parents: "I was born of goodly parents".....and while that all sounds cool, the  proof of the goodly parents is in the pudding and guess who the pudding is?!  Yep.  another selfie.    BORING.

Lucy had a subsection on testimonies that were sang!!  Only two of those, but teenagers come alert for that kind of surprise warbling  entertainment.   NOT BORING.

There was a section on demanders and haters bearing witness against their own deviant children.  (Before judging those parents harshly, please remember if you don't bear witness against the disobedient, people may think they were actually trained that way by secret acts of parents.)  BASICALLY BORING unless it contains new raw material.

There was a section on testifying that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God.  Lots of those. BORING, BORING, BORING, BORING, BORING, BORING, BORING, BORING.

Many testimonies by little kids, 

"I know this church is true. I love my mom and dad."   

She recorded whether the mom or dad was standing beside the kid at the microphone, bent over whispering the words to say!  CUTE, BUT MORE BORING THAN CUTE.

There was a sizable section on personal miracles, especially about a son or daughter's miraculous experiences on a "mission currently taking place".
Worth listening to.

A large section on testifying to ones own pioneer heritage and who all "in authority"or super-important one is related to .  BORING.

A section named:  Travel Logs              


There was also a small section on testimonies of Christ.  NOT BORING BUT BRIEF.

What a book!

Of course some testimonies do stick to a person, for whatever reason.

I remember two.
Forty -two years of being a Mormon and I remember two testimonies, now that I have been an ex-Mormon for 9 years.

One man who had screwed up so badly he made the local newspaper news, stood up at the microphone and confessed his sins.  I remember not at all what he said, though I do remember he cried as he opened the door on skeletons in the closet and confessed everything, not just the "newsworthy" stuff.
I remember  it was so quiet during his confession you could have heard a pin drop.
That experience taught me two things:

1.  We are strengthened by the confessions of other people's weaknesses.
Thank God we are not the worst screw-ups in the world!

2.  We are all voyeurs into other people's lives because that is how we learn.
Monkey see, monkey do...monkey see, monkey don't do....is the gift of the jungle.  That is how we learn from infancy.

We are honed to look at the lives and antics of others through eons of evolution.
Trust it.  That kind of education  has served us well!

The other testimony I remember was from a woman speaking about her heritage and she cited a "good heritage" and a "bad heritage".......and the "bad heritage testimony" stuck.
Her great-great-aunt had left "the only true church on the face of the earth" and that legacy, that heritage, had affected hundreds who came after her and "they also rejected the only true church on the face of the earth."   I was a young mother when I heard that testimony and for some reason it  "stuck" with me and I wondered about that great-great aunt and how courageous she must have been and why was she being trashed on?

Who knew I would eventually be an old woman who helped others out of Mormonism just by my example!
The thought of my own future legacy was a driving factor in my summoning the courage to exit Mormonism.

Have you thought about what your legacy is going to be?

Thanks for pausing here at this blog,

Thursday, October 15, 2015


"....I live my life in growing orbits
which move out over the things of the world.
Perhaps I can never achieve the last,
but that will be my attempt.

I am circling around God,
                                  around the ancient tower,

and I have been circling for a thousand years,

and I still don't know if I am a falcon,
                                                 or a storm,
                                                        or a great song....."
                              by Ranier M. Rilke

I'm having a good time, 
and I hope you are having a good time, too.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Thank the youth kindly.......they are pitiably weak against age.

We must not dismiss ourselves just because we are old!  

It is a fact that old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill every time.

From T.E. Lawrence (as in Lawrence, of Arabia, who achieved great things in war as a young man):

We were fond together because of the sweep of open places, the taste of wide winds, the sunlight, and the hopes in which we worked. 

The morning freshness of the world-to-be intoxicated us. 

We were wrought up with ideas inexpressible and vaporous, but to be fought for. 

We lived many lives in those whirling campaigns, never sparing ourselves: 
yet when we achieved and the new world dawned, the old men came out again and took our victory to remake in the likeness of the former world they knew
Youth could win, but had not learned to keep, and was pitiably weak against age. 

We stammered that we had worked for a new heaven and a new earth, and they thanked us kindly and made their peace.” 


Of course there is little or no appreciation for our awesome treachery when we are old, 
but power is power.

And power feels good.

Thank you for showing up to visit.
It means a lot to me,



Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Amazing Auntie, Age 97

So........longevity runs in my family.

I think that is a good thing.  Probably.

Do we languish on the vine for ages and then die?

I don't think so.  I think we go kicking and screaming.  Maybe a little demented
 ( the nice ones) but a lot of us just plow on as though we know what we are doing.  Occasionally telling other people what we think of them.
Active.  We stay active.

Which brings me to Auntie.

She is one of our favorites and so my brother has flown 2000 miles to be with her on her 97th birthday.

My brother calls me.  Impressed.

(Just like another of my brothers called me on Auntie's 
80th birthday.  Impressed.  Because Auntie showed the crowd she could stand on her head.  She stood on her head at age 80.)  
I am not going to tell you what I think of an 80 year old who would risk her brain and neck for the crowd!  I know she is not demented, but I certainly question her judgement.  
Hey, my own judgement has moved left of "real smart" lately.  
I am frightened.
What if I lose it and try standing on my head at age 80??

My brother, who is with my auntie as I write, is so impressed.
He is staying in her home during the visit and the upstairs bedrooms are stuffy so he asked if she had a fan he could use.

 (It is muggy back east and we here on the desert , dried out and off by the sun and hot wind, do not do well with dripping perspiration.)

Oh, sure.  There is a fan stored in the upstairs hallway closet.
A half hour later he trudges up the stairs and as he goes to the hallway closet he bumps into Auntie getting the fan for him.
He is shocked.
"Auntie, what are you doing up here?  It has only been 5 months since you got your new hip!  What are you doing?"
"I can climb the stairs!" she retorts.  "It hurts like hell, but I have a new hip.  I can climb the stairs."

My brother is shocked and impressed so he calls me to report on Amazing Auntie.

I remember asking Auntie a few years ago how she managed to be so amazing.

She said, "Well, I never feel like getting out of bed.  But I get up anyway.
I sit on a chair and I don't feel like doing anything.  I just want to sit on the chair and stare.  But I stand up anyway and make myself a little something to eat.
I want to sit back down and do nothing.  There is nothing I want to do.  But I go out to the garden anyway and garden.
There is work to be done.  I might as well make myself useful."

See how fun aging is!
Thanks for dropping in on our family dramas.


PS  Do you suppose longevity is a sign of poor judgement?  

It can't be a result of excellent health!  You've read what centenarians ascribe their "living to be 100" is a result of, haven't you?   
"Oh, I quit smoking last year."  
"Oh, I never eat anything but meat."   
"Oh, I eat whatever I want."  
"Oh, I don't believe going to the doctor helps anything."  

What's Their Secret?

Scientific explanations for longevity remain elusive. Researchers studying centenarians agree: there is no specific pattern.  
There appears to be a connection between your longevity and the age your mother gave birth.   Researchers at the University of Chicago Center on Aging found that if your mother was under age 25 when you were born, your chances of reaching age 100 are twice as high as for someone whose mother was older than 25. 
. According to Israeli physician Nir Barzilai of the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York:
"There is no pattern. The usual recommendations for a healthy life—not smoking, not drinking, plenty of exercise, a well-balanced diet, keeping your weight down—they apply to us average people. But not to them. Centenarians are in a class of their own."
Based on years of data from studying centenarians, Barzilai reports that when analyzing the data from his particular pool of centenarians, at age 70:  
37 % were overweight
8 % were obese
37 % were smokers for an average of 31 years
44 % reported only moderate exercise
20 % never exercised at all

Here is Riverwatch's assessment:      
The reason the ancient ones live so long is their willingness to haul out and continue being slaves!  

That's why there are more old women than old men. 

That's why men can't help thinking they are smarter than us women

Science still touts exercise and nutrition as key elements......theorectically.
Yet most scientists don't live to be 100 or beyond!

Look around at the "scientific effort" those ancient ones put into living long.  


You just see that they are people who "haul out" at some core level to continue with the slavery bit.
Even if in a wheel chair, they reach out to serve YOU the cookie, to pass YOU the glass of punch.
They are into YOU.
Good judgement.  Poor judgement.  It doesn't matter.
Your slave is still living in order to ...well, to slave.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Blood Moon


Old, and learning new vocabulary, I am.


My pastor said, “I don't think that word means what you think it means.”
and he unveiled the definition: “ an unveiling of information”.

Apocalypse doesn't mean the end of the world!!!!!

My gosh, I am so disappointed!

Of course I had already discovered this group of church people are not like the other group of church people I was once so familiar with.

Nobody is teaching disaster classes.
No emergency preparedness classes.

Nobody is storing food, guns, ammunition.

I am so disappointed!

A religious/political focus on disaster & apocalypse fit right into my world view!

A belief system is vitally significant because our belief systems guide our behaviors.                           That is true.  I read it on the internet.

And here is the key to a belief system:                                                                                                 one cannot believe anything outside of one's own world view.

Naturally, being a child raised by armed lunatics, I would have a rebel world view where anything can happen and in the twinkling of an eye!
Be alert, hyper alert.                                                                                                                               Be prepared!!

I was a sitting duck for the religious zealots.

That's one of the things that I liked (like) about my former religion:  all that focus on disaster that fits right into my own special world view!

If you look closely at this picture, you will notice some things:
two spoons............. to feed the world
a tube...................... to siphon off your gasoline
a swiss army knife that will not be given away like the shirt off  one's back.

It's a me kit.  Well, maybe me and thee.   Maybe.
I know what I'm talking about.
I have one of these.

"But I have to save myself in order to save you!"
"Please step away!  You are standing on my oxygen tube!"

I am now surrounded by a different group of people who are changing my world view with their love and fellowship and their propensity to share food, not store it.


They role model grace.

Come to the table.  It is an open table.

You are invited to the open table, not because of what you are but because of who you are.
You are you and you are loved by God.

Did you hear a year or so ago where everybody in America was getting tired of hearing about the apocalypse?
I think it had to do with “overload”.

But then that string of Blood Moons started showing up!!
Re-focus!  Re-focus!

At the end of 2013, well, actually in October of 2013, I quit cataloguing the disasters in our world.
 It just became overwhelming, the number and variety of such.

I think I will have to ask my pastor about Armageddon.
 What does that word mean?

Still keeping an eye on disasters,
just not documenting them in columns.
I am grateful you visited.


PS  I can't tell you how important Vocabulary is.  The other day my teenage grandson told me he wants to lose weight, so he has gone on a diet. 
 "So what's your diet like?"
"Well", he said, "now when I want toast, I never have a pair of toast.  Just one."

Old and still learning.
Now I want a pair of toast to go with my coffee!