I've Landed!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So, my communications skills are losing ground somewhat faster than my mouth.  Darn it!
But as Fina said, "Haven't you noticed all those old people sitting in the back pews saying nothing?!  It's because they have run out of thoughts.  Used to be I had so many thoughts I couldn't speak them fast enough.  Now, I sometimes run out of thoughts.  So don't worry about sitting there thinking nothing.  It's beginning to happen to me, too."

Well, let me tell you, we are still leagues ahead of this new rising generation who cannot write cursive, ("What is that?"), can't do dialogue worth a nickel, and have become "communicative efficient".
I texted my 37 year old son the other day:   coke?    Now that is odd in itself since I haven't had a coke in decades.  I deal only in DIET coke, but hey, I am slow at the tiny keyboard/numbers/letters thing......and I figure he gets what I mean.  
My grown son texts back:    K
Oh, the twilight zone I live in!   So I call him  .....miracle of miracles he answers.   "What do you mean, K?" I say in an irritated voice that fails to show my gratitude that he will be seen in public with me.
"K", he says, "is short for "OK"    

See  what I mean?   We are better going down than they are rising!!!!

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