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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Doubt your doubts?

Recently, in a Mormon World Wide General Conference , one of the highest leaders admonished church members to "Doubt your doubts."

A world-wide message:  "doubt your doubts".

Say what?

I beg to differ.

What we all need to doubt is our certainties.

Have you ever been certain about something?  How did that work out for you?

Doubt is uncomfortable.

Certainty is absurd.

Doubt pushes us further into understanding and growth...enlarges our boundaries......is PROGRESS.

Certainty can be a trap.  "The road stops here!"
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Beware our certainties.

I have been certain before and I can tell you Certainty is intoxicating!

It is so harsh to sober up.

It is pitiful to find the apple juice of uncertainty
instead of the Wine of Certainty.
And I am certain about that!

The opposite of faith is not doubt.

The opposite of faith is Certainty.

God has called us to faith.

Only man calls us to certainty.

Oh, the joy ride of intoxicating certainty.
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Oh, the peek into a struggling religion:  Doubt your doubts, you doubters!

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