I've Landed!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Is This a Competition????

Is  This a Competition????

Ordinarily I love compliments but when anybody starts in on how "young" I look , I get very uncomfortable.  They are either blind, or unaware of what I really look like, or putting pressure on me to not be my age!

So when my thirteen year old granddaughter started in with the "you are so young, grandma!" comments, I objected!

I objected so loudly I offended her .

Her indignant reply:  "Well, I only have my other grandparents to compare you with and one of them is all crumpled up in bed and the other is dead!!!!!"

Ok.  We have a winner.

I am a winner.

False victory, false victory, false victory.

Thanks for visiting the blog of an aging person.
I really do appreciate it.

Live long and prosper.
Try not to crumple up.

Good luck,

The battle against natural aging is one that , eventually, we all will lose.
We are all in this together.

Well, as good old Mom said as I gazed in the mirror,
"It's only skin deep.  You best be practicing kindness and curbing your razor tongue.  Those are the things that last."

PS  Have you noticed my tongue is silky, not sharp?  I hope so.  I have worked hard.  And I have the wrinkles to prove it!