I've Landed!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

"Thanks. I rode my bicycle here."

Those centenarians!  Even "almost" centenarians.
How dare they have wit when they are so old and frail.

Marj is just  so frail and so brainy.
She says she is sick and tired of thinking so much because "at my age there is nothing to think about but depressing things.  I need to quit thinking!  I don't want to do anything either!!!  But I don't want people to think I am negative."

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Ahh.  So you think you are going to outgrow caring how you are viewed?

Here's a clue:  if you care what others think about you when you are 20, you will no doubt stand in front of a mirror at age 100 trying to make it all look better, you will monitor your own language and choice of words and you will groom and you will impulsively apologize from time to time for living so long.

Those folks who don't give a hoot what others think about them when they are 100 probably did not give a hoot what others thought when they were 20.  

Marj had to drive....yes, she is a licensed driver.....to Sav-on to get a prescription refilled.
Standing ....yes, standing....in line she suddenly felt hands or a dog or something on her frail weak leg.  Frightened, she looked down and some woman was rolling her pant-leg down.
"I have no idea how one of my pant legs got rolled up!  I know I dressed, " she told me later.
Marj looked down at the woman.
"Thanks" she said.  "I rode my bicycle here."

                                                                                     Image result for images of an old woman on a bikeskutik.deviantart.com

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