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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Stand up and live long.

Standing up may be the best best best thing we can do for our DNA health!
It may be even better than exercise for lengthening those DNA telomeres (those stringy thingies at the end of each cell) that contribute to longevity!.

In other words, sitting for hours at the computer or TV and then getting up and exercising does not produce the same anti-aging results as not sitting down to begin with!

Longevity runs in my family  and as I.... SIT.... here I am wondering about those old family members and if they exercise/exercised or not.   Hum.

I don't think anybody in my family has been or is an exercise nut.
Well, nut, yes.
Exercise nut, probably not.

However, the oldies are not/were not "sitters".  On their feet a lot, they were/are.

Let the young people sit.  We stand!

Old People Wearing Funny T-shirts (17 pics)

Most of us in my family are a bunch of nervous ninnies.
That will keep you upright!
That will keep you from being sedentary!

I long ago figured out that sedentary is a result of a relaxed nervous system!

Too relaxed?  Hang onto a pole if you must, but keep yourself upright.

Image result for animated images of canyons
Do not sit down!  Hang on.                                                             

Check out why you shouldn't be sitting around reading and writing.


PS  I am going to fix my computer on a high top, so I can stand!

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PS   I cannot stress this enough.  Sitting is NOT a good idea.