I've Landed!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Parenting is a style.

I love this post about the power of love.


Absentee  Parent

Was she really gone?  

Is Mommy never coming back?

She said she was coming back. 

IS  she coming back?


She doesn't love me!

She said she loved me.  That she loved us all.

She said she was coming back.

She hasn't come back!  She's never coming back.

When is she coming back?

She left because I am bad, didn't she?  
I'm sorry, Mommy.  
Forgive me, Mommy.

That is how it went for my father.

And then, one fine day, after "the village" had finished rearing her kids with their broken hearts, my father's mother showed up, just like she said she would.

The "second coming" had actually happened, just like she said it would.

She Was Adored !!!!!!!

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All her sons adored her.
They basked in her love, her steadiness!
Hearts were mended, sinews were put back together.

Her daughters-in-law hated her.
After all, it was a "first coming" for them.
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But her sons adored her and needed her presence to heal.

   She did love them, after all!!

They bowed and scraped to her the rest of their lives.
Not one of them went into therapy.
(How can you whine about the village vintage bits who raised you a bit here and a bit there?  Or a mother who reappears?)

Some of my kids, on the other hand, with their zealous mommy, have taken a stint or two through therapy chairs.  I kid you not.
It is so vexing to be protected, guided, fed properly and managed !

Someone making you brush your teeth or do your homework is obviously the crucible.

Screaming "Shut UP!" to boisterous loud kids is NOT COOL!  I get that.
After all, it is your fault they were born, your fault they are nervous, your fault they are genetically flawed.
 And guess what.  You are the one who has taught them to be loud.

I cannot help but think about God, sometimes, when I think about my reappearing Granny, adored by her grown sons.  
That might sound offensive, since Granny was obviously grievously flawed........
but don't some people feel abandoned by God?
Don't  some people not even believe in Him?
How could He leave us alone to rely on the village persons (who may not even LIKE us) for help when we need help?

He does answer prayers.........but you gotta  have your eyes open and your ears open to see and hear.

He is NOT micro-managing us.

When He comes again, as He has promised, our broken hearts will be mended,
     we will adore Him,
          for we will realize we really are and have been loved.

We will not need therapy.

He made us.

He allows us.


Looking forward to the Second Coming,
....already dreading Mother's Day and it is only February,