I've Landed!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

May You Never Outlive Your Stories

I knew it was going to be a disappointing afternoon when I turned into the Exit lane in order to access the little shopping mall.
Dear God!
 How could I have done this?

Quickly I turned on my Hazard Lights to warn the bicyclist that he needed to get out of the way!  Also I wanted to reassure him I saw him and I was aware of my mistake.

The cyclist easily hopped the curb leaving me windshield to windshield with a cop car trying to exit.
The cop backed up for me and then circled the lot, pulled to a worrisome stop, and watched me enter Charming Charlie's.
I was so happy I was wearing matching earrings and lipstick.  The best defense an old lady can have.
The somber cop just watched.  I didn't quite match his D & D criteria  (demented? drunk?)

Inside the store I was dazzled by the glittering chandliers and vast array of costume jewelry....reds....a section on yellow......blues up the kazoo.....greens......rose golds.... golds....silvers......
Image result for images of jewelry in a storetorocon.com

What a delight.

Born a bit color blind, I asked the youthful clerk with her long bouncy vibrant brown hair if she would help me match some colors for autumn.

Happy to assist, she mostly just encouraged me.

Then, watching me, she became intent in her gaze.  I felt like I had a Hazard Light on, or something.
"Will this yellow go with the rose gold?" I asked.

She stared at me.

Image result for images of jewelry in a storequartsoft

Then she patted my hand.
 "It's ok, Honey.  You've lived your stories.  You can now wear anything you want."

If I were quick witted, which I am not anymore, I would have said, "Good grief, I just lived another little story, and Sweetie, you are the star in it."

I did buy what I wanted, since it doesn't matter anymore whether I'm put together right or not.
Unless I need to fool a cop.

Like I said, it wasn't my best afternoon.
Hoping yours is better,