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Friday, November 25, 2016

Who is the beholder of your life?

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"What is meant for us will come to us.
What is not meant for us will never come to us."

Or so they say.

Who is the beholder of your life?

I love it that science, which used to say that "thoughts have no power", has changed its ever changing mind!

Now science admits that the power of observation has the power to change whatever is being observed!
From the petri dish to the clinical arena,  Image result for images of being beheldRMIT Gallery

beholding, with its resulting thoughts, causes changes to occur.

As a nurse I always knew this fact in some small way, because
 when somebody cares enough to watch, something "magical" happens.
Behold.  And something changes.
and behold.
Right before our very eyes, change appears.

Perhaps those ancient people who thought it was God who sent the earthquakes,
 and fires
                and floods 
were not as off-base as some like to believe!

We need to get a clue.
We are being watched.
Observation impacts us.

Out of the flood the fire and the earthquake come changes, of course, inside the people so visited.
All altered in ways that are real and measurable 
and permanent (until more change comes).
What is less well known, is that even those of us who just watch, observing  from afar, 
alter the stuff of life by our mental & feeling outreach across the miles.

We are being beheld.
We are that important!

And we behold those who are important to us.

Who in your present life is beholding you?
Image result for images of being beheldThe Unbearable Lightness of Being

Who is watching you as a role model?  Maybe somebody you don't even know?

Who are you beholding?
Who are your unacknowledged role models?


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Of course we desire to be beheld.  It strengthens us, yes?
The sound of applause is powerful to create changes in us, too.

Plagierizing from the masters,

Thank you for dropping by.