I've Landed!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Youth speaks. The Bath.

by Jim Mowery

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The swirling, bubbling water
   maddened in it's state of movement
      clung to the aged man.

I, a younger version, sat by him.

“A little warm today,” said he and I agreed.
     My face was red with the heat
        that encompassed us.

We sat together
   he and I
       and looked at the vaporous swirls
            of steam as they drifted skyward
                 only to be stopped by a mirrored ceiling
                     revealing us as children
                          in a frothy bath.Related image

I looked at his wrinkled face
     and wondered
        was it worth it
to live all of those years
only to be rewarded with a body
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And I asked
“Are you happy as an aged man?”
      His eyes played on me.
      “Yes....it is a little too warm,” he said.

            And I didn't pursue it.