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Monday, November 21, 2016

The Rope Around the Ankle

The Rope Around The Ankle

An educated  intelligent man said this to me recently, "I am not spiritual.  I am intellectual, religious."
I may be misquoting him a bit, (I am old!).  
His remark caused me to think.

I could have sworn he was spiritual.

Then I ran across this insight on a Catholic man's blog:

"I am religious, not spiritual, meaning that the red tape of this world feels a lot more real – and more interesting – than the golden parachute awaiting the top performers in the next. The same is true, I daresay, for many others. Much as evangelists love to prescribe encounters with Jesus and compare conversion to falling in love, the fact remains that if Jesus were so accessible or so easily lovable, they wouldn’t have a job.
The rope around my ankle has always been people – living people who were nice to me, and whom I could relate to. "              
 by Max Lindenman  January 24, 2015


Is Mr. Lindenman spiritual?
I don't know.  He says he is not.

I do know that when the rope around your ankle is people , living people who are nice to you, and whom you relate to, you seem spiritual.

Maybe his road has not been as rocky as mine.
The rockier the road, the more spiritual the effect?

The Zen trail, St. George, Utah
video  3mins and 43 seconds    So Worth Watching