I've Landed!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

What To Do On a Rainy Day

One reason, I think, that we become more interested in the Hereafter as we age is because of the increase in rainy days on the landscape I call the twilight zone of life (where I have landed
....not having died young).

We assume there are NO rainy days in the Hereafter.....and so we may find ourselves a bit more interested in That Landscape.

Just like the last month of pregnancy is a long long long time, so is the sojourn onto the twilight zone of life.  So please stop dwelling on the Hereafter!  (I was speaking to myself, so don't get miffed.)

Heck, it is common to spend a fourth of our lives on this new landscape in the zone, so we cannot panic!  Good grief, this could be the best time of our whole life as we meet new people whom we seem to have known all our lives...as we learn new skills (having had to jettison our old skills).....as we travel.......as we greet, help, notice, and praise the rising generation.

But the increase in rainy days is no joke, so I thought I should share another gift from my classes on aging:

One of the most important things I can do in the twilight zone is continue to make goals.
But my goal setting needs to change.  No more 10 or 20 year plans to scare me to death!!!!
Now......... perhaps starting at 65 years of age or earlier........ I need to do 5 year goals......5 year plans.....and each year do a new 5 year plan as I push through this stretch ahead of me.  
Heck, even if I were to have a terminal disease, I could  reasonably look forward to 5 more years.

On the next rainy day, we could spend some time thinking about our goals for the next 5 years.
That will keep us busy!
We should write them down.
That will make us effective!

We do not want to waste the gift of time we have been given.

Thanks for being old.  I do not want to be the only human to age.
I frankly need you to eventually fall to pieces, too. I'm falling to pieces for you!

As my cousin said, "After 50 it is just patch, patch, patch."

Get those patches. Hang around.

Don't take off with goals unfinished!  

Enjoying the sunrise on the desert,