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Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Little Bit of Plagiarism

One nice thing about getting old.....and there really are some nice things, and when I find out what they are I shall let you know......

One nice thing about getting old is that any cheap drunken lawyer can defend you successfully if you get charged with plagiarism.
Your memory really is shot, and all kind of people can testify to that as the reason you did not give the real author credit.

Additionally, you haven't made any money from the words and stories you stole, and on close inspection it becomes apparent you didn't even quote the whose-it author correctly.  Slam dunk.  The case against you is thrown out.

The following is by......I have no clue, can't remember....
But it was in a book....or a magazine...or something...
Last year.....or last decade....or last century .......(does it really matter?)

It was the published short stories of several people.....the assignment had been to tell a whole big story in 6 words only.

One author wrote:        For sale
                                     Baby shoes
                                     Never worn.
I almost cried .

Another author (one of our kind, as in OLD)  wrote:
                                          Sex Dreams
                                          At Seventy
                                          What Next?

I wish I could remember the other short stories of 6 words or less.  and I am a little embarrassed I only remember these two.  Hum.
All the little stories were powerful , but hey, you remember what you remember!

Glad you dropped in,