I've Landed!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

R e t i r e? N e v e r !


  I don't know why I read the Wall Street Journal.  It doesn't speak to me.  But I have an  87 yr. old friend who is still wheeling and dealing and she assumes I want to exercise my mind.  So she saves her WSJ for me.
     Ahhh, rich people do age differently than poor people!  Maybe that's why she is so alert and "with it".......and I am having to hunt for my Xanex.
     One little article did catch my eye.  It had a picture of a handsome grey-haired man with the article.
     I noticed right off the bat he has great teeth!  (I'm looking at everybody's teeth these days trying to figure out:  crowns or dentures?  I'm getting too preoccupied but it costs lots of money to have gorgeous teeth when you are old....and teeth have become a health-financial-moral-physical-vanity decision challenge for me!)
     Mr. Goldsmith of New York is only 58 so maybe his teeth are real.  Nope.  They are too uniform and perfect.
     If nursing has taught me nothing else, it has taught me that the human body is not uniform and perfect.

     Mr. Goldsmith is obviously rich and "working busy", beautiful smile and all!
     But here is what caught my eye besides his teeth.  To quote him, "I'll retire when 6 of my closest friends carry me into the church."

     Ahhhh.  Hope.  Hope springs eternal.

     He probably has not read the statistics:  40% of all the 'work-force pieces' go out of the arena BEFORE retirement, mostly due to health issues.

     Don't most of us think we can work right up until the Chariot arrives for us?
     Think again.  It can be a rocky road descending into the twilight zone of aging.
     At 58, Goldman has already started his descent.
     But maybe he'll be like my 87 yr. old friend with her WSJ.
     However, there's a significant chance he may be like me.

     Naw, not like me......those teeth are gonna last 100 years at least!

     I feel a migraine coming on.

     Aging is a snap.
     It is all that disease stuff that gets you.

        Nevertheless, I am strengthened by your visit,