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Monday, July 31, 2017

Harnessing Hope

Faith, Hope and Love.  
These things are eternal.   But the greatest of these is Love.                                
                                                                                                    --- Holy Script

Cognitive ability.  Can you not see that Hope and Faith require a sophisticated brain?  
Not everybody is into Faith and Hope, but we humans can be, if we are smart enough, if we have enough cognitive ability, energy to think and the will to do so.  
Come on!  We are not just sophisticated chimpanzees!  
We have, more or less, the ability to visualize  a better life, the ability, more or less, to climb the mental mountain.

On the other hand, Love does not require abstract thinking and mental visualization.
No matter how lagging we are in our talents, we all have the ability to love.  
And we are not easily excused from loving others. 

Of course most of us spend more time looking for some one to love us, than for somebody to love, yes? . Oh, well.  "A" for effort.  

Some of us  are excused  for our lack of faith, our hopelessness, our failure to think it through.

But failing to love is not an option. 

Darn't.  Sometimes I don't even get "A" for effort. 
How badly I have always wanted "A"'s for achievement and "C"s for effort!
With Love, I don't always even get an "A" for effort.

As a nurse, I have given much thought to Hope, because Hope, while not a placebo, makes such  a difference to our well-being.
In fact, one reason a placebo can work a miracle or two is because the recipient  HOPES that placebo is the real thing. Immune system hops into action on Hope.

Naturally we don't want false hope.  

But hope is natural and means we can visualize success, because we can see paths we can take, or paths we can avoid.  We are successful because we are pathway thinkers.
Image result for images for pathways
We see our challenge.  We see pathways, we visualize pathways to our goal. 
We feel our power. We feel a Power higher than ourselves. 
We correct course when need be, because we are human and we have learned how to change paths.  

Help me be a woman of Hope.

PS  thanks for the call