I've Landed!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

My friend, the Stranger.

My Friend, the Stranger

She describes herself as a stranger in the world.
You know, the new world.
The old one passed away so many years ago.

Being a nurse and all, I know that living long, one can wake up to a new world more than once.
A new world peopled with new people, the ones you knew having disappeared.
A different world, run by new rules.

My friend says that one doesn't even have to live long to be a stranger in a strange world!

She wasn't old when death came calling for her.
She was young with two sons who might surely need her.
And so she stayed.
Her dad came calling for her in a dream.
 "Follow me", he said,
but she remembered he had died
and to follow him meant no return to her sons.

"Can't, Dad," she said.

And so she stayed.
Battling death for 5 years.  In limbo.  Between two worlds.magickcanoe.com

Then one day, she was truly upright.  The cancer was gone.
Health returned but it was a new world.
The old world had gone on during the preceding five years, but she had not.

"The world was different," she said, "and I was a stranger."

Bit by bit she returned from the limbo between two worlds, but years later she occasionally has lingering fears a new battle may errupt, and what will she do if it does?

Being a stranger in a strange world is now part of her being.
Will she want to battle again to stay in this world should the battlefield re-emerge?

Even the concept is a dilemma.

Because now she realizes, she says,
that we are all strangers to this place we call home.


Stranger, friend or family,
thank you for dropping by,