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Monday, January 9, 2017

Where are our marbles???

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I was all prepared to whine about my painful unbendable elbow, but how could I?
Three of them, all three of them, fell this week and got hurt!

Reminded me of a couple of years ago, when Emma Jean and Maizy and I were out to lunch and discovered that all three of us had received speeding tickets in the past six months!  

All three of us!  
It had been decades since I received a ticket in the past, 
Emma Jean never was a speeder.
Maizy couldn't remember if she had ever had a ticket for speeding before but she had a rich hubby who paid for everything, so the fine would not have impacted her brain and memory like it did mine and Emma Jean's!!   
But there we sat, three old gals, wondering why ever were we speeding!?!

But today there were no tickets to report, only carnage.  

I was looking at the carnage of three pedestrian-wrecks.  

Truly all three looked bad, but they shared a comaraderie that shut me out. 
Slipping & sliding on an incline, using a cane as a tool to clear tumble weeds instead of to steady its owner, or battling the wind & stinging rain, all three had lost a round with gravity.

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Susan turned to Genevieve  and asked, "So, did you look around after you fell?"
"Sure did," she replied.  "And I didn't see any fat on the sidewalk, or any marbles.  But I sure did feel like something shifted!"

We all laughed.  
Like falling is funny.

Where are our marbles? ! ? !

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Glad you could make it today.
Watch out.