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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Keep to work.

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"Keep to work; if cut off from one thing, take the next."

                                                        Cyrus Hamlin, Christian missionary to Turkey in the 1800's  

I think the above advice is good advice for us as people dealing with the "cut off" of old age.
Work.  If we are no longer able to do something, we could do something else.
Flexibility is some of the best stuff of being human.
Or as we used to say cruelly as teenagers to the limping and tired, "Tired of walking?  Run awhile!"

Oh, don't the comedians of the world need grace!

Still and all, laughing helps.

In the face of horror, laughing is a coping mechanism.  
Or so I was taught  in my "Responding to Disasters" training.  Seriously.

As the speaker, tested and tried as he was in the field, said, "Put your sweaty palm in your dry mouth."   "Tell a joke."  "Look for the guys out there who are laughing inappropriately.  You want them on your team because they are going to weather this better than the average and they are going to uplift you.  You want them on your team!"

Just saying,
Riverwatch, RN    

                                                                                (No!  RN does not stand for "Really Nothing".)                                                  Image result for images of RN jokes

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