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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Prejudice and Diversity

 Here is the sad thing:

"A larger acquaintance with mankind extended their knowledge without correcting their prejudices..."

                                           by Edward Gibbon in The Decline and Fall of Rome      page 386


So, diversity is the rule of the day where I am visiting.
It begins with him being Presbyterian in a loose kind of way, and her being Jewish, more or less.

Children drinking briefly from every and any great or small fountain of knowledge they can find.
Image result for images children drinking from fountainEric Gaillard/Reuters

  It continues with his being a playwright and all the theater crowd with its diversity and her being a professor of government and politics with a focus on minorities and all those unending issues.  Building bridges to and from the near-by  Northwest Detention Center housing a thousand undocumented people.

Me, deep in thought: How can you have a thousand books on emigration/immigration gracing your myriad bookshelves and miss having "The Decline and Fall of Rome"?
I keep my thoughts to myself, but loud they are!

It continues with me sporting my Cross and trying to hide that I cut my conspiracy theory teeth on Cleon Skousen and Gary Kah.
Shh.  Don't even mention their names!

Having read Skousen is certainly part of my contaminated past.  Oh, well.
We do have to acknowledge Mormonism since there are many ex-Mormons lounging about here with stories to tell.  
Yes, a friend says, my Mormon brother married a Muslim from Bangladesh.  All the parents were freaking.  
I  just couldn't help but wonder:  man or woman?  So I asked, "How did your parents feel about the hijab?"
"Oh.  She wasn't wearing one except for the ceremony."
Ahh.  Woman.

It continues with "Intelligence Squared" recorded debates:   Islam, a Religion of Peace or Not?
Not.  Gyration, gyration.  The debate verdict is WRONG.   It is so a religion of peace!   Damn!

Still and all, I walk in peace in the misty Pacific Northwest, cooled off from the sand dunes from which I come.Image result for images of misting rain
Blood pressure down to normal, untreated.
Face happy and relaxed.

It occurs to me that the more diversity there is, the easier it is to transcend it.
If there is only a little diversity, one can get tangled up in the fatigue of diversity.
But if diversity is thick enough to be woven with all different weaves, it becomes  tight enough to create a wind to carry you aloft.
Do you suppose that is a path to peace on earth?  So much diversity woven tightly together creating  that nice little breeze to carry each person aloft?
Image result for images children drinking from fountainprodrinkingfountains.com

The trick to being in a sea of diversity is to skim buoyantly, reacting to nothing.Related imagewhlcommunity.com

Nothing except the Seahawks!   It is Seahawks Day in the misty rain.
We all agree.
Seahawks rule! Even when they lose....again!

Still and all, the sand dunes.
Ahh.  The sand dunes.

Thanks for the wave,