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Saturday, December 17, 2016

"1984" Revisited

This book, "1984" was written in 1961 and I tried to read it in college later, and dismissed it as garbage back then.

So.  Let's read it truly, Riverwatch.  You are old.  How do you think about "1984" now, since Big Brother really is watching!
Read this book!

1.  Plot:  shallow with Proles irrationally plotted in.
2.  Characters poorly developed (two dimensional).
3.  Plot exist only as a vehicle to carry agenda, world view and political pseudo-intellectualism.
4.  Lacks vision, true vision.  Three Superpowers, no new weapons, no internet.  GIVE ME A BREAK.
5.  It is a Godless book.  It makes man the measure of all things.
6.  Terror is the only fully detailed aspect.  Even the political ideas are far underdeveloped compared to terror detail.
7.  It supposedly arises out of mans' hopelessness.    Say what??
8.  It is about power, ie, evil.  Feast your mind on crap.
9.  It takes no account of other worlds, other dimensions, or the fact that the human mind is lighted from a source beyond our understanding.  donald zolan the thinker paintings

10.  Did I mention I think Orwell sucks as an author and lacks understanding of reality and the complexity and hope of human beings?

Time is running out.  Yet here I am, wasting time, I guess.
But I appreciate your visit and hope you don't feel about "I've Landed" (and me) like I feel about "1984" and Orwell.
It was a waste of my time!
No, not totally because I went looking for images and I found this lovely picture.
Even trolling a wasteland can bring surprising moments of joy.