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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Life Itself

Life itself is a death sentence.
In the meantime, it glows with possibilities.

I am so .....err....disappointed.  Here we are.  Talking about death again.

I'd rather talk about when we were kids, chasing each other through the cornfield.  Image result for images of children playing in cornfieldsvisualphotos.com

Building little houses in the corn field, houses we shared with the little animals of the wild.
Image result for images of children playing in cornfieldsdreamtimes.com

I did think about death back then.  Never often, though, and always with real horror.
It was all about my body.
We are not very old when we figure out what's going to happen to the body when we die!
If we can't figure it out, some bright little mean friend will tell us.

Ghost stories.
We fed our minds on ghost tales.
Image result for images of children telling ghost storiesbuzzfeed.com

Didn't need digitals and "Walking Dead" and "Night of the Zombies" to get our minds stimulated.
We had real live ghost stories.

It's a comin'.  

Joyce is now past 80.

"I'm not afraid to die," she tells me.

"Well.  Not anymore," I laugh.  "Remember when we were young and terrified of dying?  Did you read in the news where that old man 145 years old said his only wish is to die?"

"145??  Ahh, people can't live that long!?"

"Well, yes apparently we can.  Sidomejo is 145 and has outlived all his children and grandchildren."
Sidomejo is said to be in good health for someone of his age.Credit:  RTV
Born in Sragen, central Java province.

"Sidomejo has to be spoon fed and bathed.  He has had enough.  He just wants to die."

We are living to be old so young people can plainly see they don't want to never die!

We are not as afraid of losing our old body as we were of losing our young body.
I, a nurse, have seen the look on old old people.
"I don't CARE where I am going!  Just let me get to hell out of Dodge."
Death is part of it all.  But not today!
Dodge is a bit dodgie, and yet, what if Dodge is all we have?"
Don't want to die today!  But get me to hell out of Dodge.

Love is all that really matters.

Well, we matter.
We matter because we have the ability to love the rising generation.
Or scare them.

Glad to see your visit.