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Saturday, September 5, 2015

"I may have raised your mommy wrong."

 "I may have raised your mommy wrong."


1.  You may eat whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want.

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2.  You don't tattle on me to your mom and I don't tattle on you to your mom. (I'll only rat on you if you've gone missing.  You could possibly tell her if I wander off and don't return in a timely manner.)


3.  Electronics will be limited to 24 hours a day.
No more than 24 hours!
Oh, yes.  Next day will be a new 24 hour limit.
I may spray water on you ever hour or so to make sure you move and get the blood flowing.  Not to worry.  I will be careful not to get the electronics wet. Only you.  And your friends.

4.  Unlike your mother, Grandma is, in fact, a maid.

5.  Good manners are mandatory.  Unless you're preoccupied watching something you're not allowed to watch at home, in which case no acknowlegement is necessary.

6.  None of that "But all the nutrients are in the crust" bullsh*t.  It'll be cut off without your even having to ask.
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And nobody will say "Waste not, want not," because that phrase does not make sense!                   Nobody wastes what he/she wants........and not wasting what we don't want does not produce stellar results in a throw-away society!!
Recycle is a better expression."

"Are you even listening to me?!   ONE!  TWO!!  THREE!! !  EYES- ON - ME!!!"

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"Toss those crusts out to the birds!!"

7.  By "milk" Grandma assumes you mean "chocolate milk".

8.  If you go to the store with Grandma, you will get a toy.  A good toy.

9.  Fudgesicles are excellent for breakfast. Dairy.    en.paperblog.com

10.  In general, anything your mommy would have NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS BEEN ALLOWED TO DO AS A CHILD,  is perfectly acceptable.

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