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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Holding Hands

The Quiet Walk

I am a walker.

Once upon a time I was a hiker.  That was good.

Then I became a brisk walker.  That was good also.

Now I am a walker.  A grateful walker.

Sometimes I worry about a day arriving when my legs give out on me.  I hope that doesn't happen, but this is the time of life when we discover that life is fluid and our best option is to go with the flow.

Or as some people say, "It is what it is."  We could add, "It was what it was."

But being a nurse and all, I can tell you not every old person loses mobility.
The "ambulatory confused" are not myths!  I have chased many of them.  Down hallways & out doors!  Don't ever underestimate the confused.

And we all know there are centenarians who put their younger relatives to shame!

But for some of us, we just walk, impressing no one but ourselves.

So....now I walk alone a lot (fussy about my speed and schedule & control over when to quit).

Over a few years I have observed many couples on the trails, men and women out for a brisk walk or stroll.  It is funny watching the rapidly moving mouths of the women and the "maintaining focus, maintaining focus" grimace of the guys.
I notice because I have raised sons.....and they have sensitized me to the plight of men in the presence of verbal women.

My gosh, they get tired of listening to us.

I used to think when my sons got mad at their wives they would run to Mom and chat....what a joke!  The last thing they want is more female verbalization.  When they are mad at their wives , they are SICK OF WOMEN!!!!  They can't take the motor mouths anymore!!  They  have used up their 400 words a day and they want a rest from the people-of-a-thousand-words.

So over the years, I have noticed that sometimes I see a couple or two out on the trail walking where there is no running gauntlet of words.....just warm & silent companionship.

No, it is not an age thing.

It is a Male Brilliance thing.....for he has learned to shut her up by holding her hand.

Always.  100% of the time, the quiet walk between a man and a woman seems to be accompanied by the man holding her hand.
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Life is good,