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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Skipping right along.

January 18, Sunday

"Happy Birthday, Riverwatch."

So my brother Richard called.
I missed his birthday New Year's Eve, but he remembered mine, today.
Our brother Johnny helped him remember.  They are both old....but younger than I.....and Rich was visiting John, so they called me up on the phone to be properly horrified at how old I am.

After Richard had his dose of horror, I decided it is time to interview him for my blog.  He is 65.
He reads my blog, hit and miss, and says he likes it "ok" but has trouble remembering anything I write about.
So, since he is an aging super-active Mormon, and I am not Mormon, I decided to ask him what the Mormon term "endure to the end" means to him.  (I know what it means in Presbyterian terms, since pastor has said "The end does not mean what you think it means!  It is the end of Jerusulem, not the end of the whole world!")  I think my brother thinks "the end" is about his own life.  So....I had to ask.

Well....Richard doesn't like that word endure, because it conjures up all those uphill hikes in West Virginia on hot days..... thirsty...... tired......... hungry.......sweaty.

He prefers "faithful to the end".

Ever the reporter, I say, "Faithful to what?"
"To that which I hold near and dear."
"And what would that be?"
"My wife, of course!  and my covenants.  My covenants to God."

Ok.  I feel dismal.

"Kool", I say with fake enthusiasm.
"Yes", he says.  I am a Mac man, not a Windows ."

Well, a reporter doesn't have to understand everything!
Just record it.  In case YOU understand it.

Let's change the subject.

"So, do you like being 65?  How different do you feel?"

"I'm on Medicare", he says by way of explanation.

I probe further, revealing to him he is being interviewed for my blog.  "But have you noticed any changes in your thinking or your caring?  Do you find you care less about  things as an old person."

"Yes and no.  I care MORE about some things and LESS about some things."


"I don't much care about the now things of today, since I am no longer trying to earn a living or raise kids.  The little things of today just don't bother me.  Not even my health.  I am not afraid of death. You know Anjanae, though.  She's a nurse and she reminds me that taking care of my health is about avoiding suffering, not about avoiding death.  But I just don't care as much as I used to care.   However I care MORE about trends now.  Now I see trends and frankly I am more political than I used to be."

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