I've Landed!

Monday, December 15, 2014


I like what my pastor said recently.
He wasn't talking about me, I don't think, but what he said "fit".
"Sometimes you need to speak of where you have been, so you can appreciate where you are in order to get where you are going."

Another way of saying it is in the words of my psychologist from decades ago, "If you speak aloud of your hate, it will shrink into anger and if you speak honestly of that anger it will shrink into hurt and you will understand yourself better and be able to deal with the hurt.  The bottom line is always hurt."

It has been a good year of growth for me.       


I have spoken and now I am reconciled to the kindness that is there.

Someone said recently, "My goal is to see you reconciled."
I knew not what that meant, but now I feel it.
It is peace.

I have taken down certain posts and I ask your forgiveness if I have ever hurt you.

Merry Christmas,
                            Peace on Earth,
                                                    and Good Will To Mankind.