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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Is niceness nice?

Is niceness actually nice?
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There is something vicious about niceness
                                 because it covers up

Cultivate honesty, not niceness,
    and you will be nice.

Dare to be brave.
Dare to be disappointed aloud.
Dare to be angry.

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SO YOU WON!  (the vote....the amendment finalized in 1919 )


We will give you MOTHER'S DAY!  ~   That'll teach you!

 Mother's Day: a proclamation in 1914 while women were in the streets, winning the vote.

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The final blow to women.

Mother's Day is 100% good for you, you say?
You are special indeed.

Put your glasses on
and look around at other women:
 the barren,
   the extremely fertile,
    the mothers who jumped the tracks and fled,
     the mothers without support,
      the crushed mother who gets praise and honor from two of her three children,
the mother on the roadside looking in vain for her prodigal son or daughter,
       the mother in the looney bin,
        the  lonely old mother in the rest home,
          the mother bent over in the cemetery at the grave of her child.

Just saying.

I realize it was a woman who  advocated Mother's Day,
but then some women put the screws to women over and over, so please excuse me for not being impressed.

Equality will not be complete until Mother's Day is abolished.

Fathers do not suffer on Father's Day.  Nor should they.
Father's Day is no big deal.
Absolutely no big deal and dad's couldn't care less about it.

But Mother's Day is back-loaded with hype and obligation.  Advertising, hype, and duty.  Guilt and pressure.  Dumped onto emotional hormonal women who dared to win the right to vote.
No, this wasn't done to women by men.
This was done to women by a woman.

Just saying.