I've Landed!

Sunday, April 30, 2017


"It is better to live without knowing, than to live in error."
              So they say.

I like what Garth Last, MD and friend told me:
"I believe every single decision we make is made with inadequate information.  But we still need to decide.  We can correct course at a later point when more information becomes available."

I also like what Scott Peck, MD said,
"A rule of thumb:  if at a particular moment, we are in a position to choose a particular perspective concerning a circumstance, we should probably choose the most dramatic perspective- one that imparts the greatest possible significance." (paraphrased)
People of the Lie
Page 38

No, I do not believe it is better to live without knowing than to chance being in error.
We can go ahead and know, through a glass darkly.
In time we will see better and know more.

For now, we can dare to know what we think we know.

I can dare to impart significance to my life.

Keep looking, friends.
Avoid the "error-less" path.

Thanks for being you,