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Sunday, July 17, 2016

If At First You Don't Succeed

Repost: just a reminder

Do you find yourself saying the things your mother said to you when you were young? Photo: Fotolia / Julia - Fotolia

One of my sons came to visit, his smart phone in his hand.

"Here, Mom,  I have to show you something your one and only daughter posted on facebook."


Oh, my gosh!  I am so pleased!

"Oh, my gosh", I blurt out.  "I am 71 and my daughter finally gets it!"

"Mom!" he replies in a shocked voice.  "This is not about you!  You are history!  This is about HER daughter who just quit college.  You are history."

O M G!!  He said that to me while I am still living!

I am 71 and I am history.

Living History.

Oh My Gosh,  I'm beginning to sound like Hillary.

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