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Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Lovely Skin

My Lovely Skin

When I was 10 and my mother was 35, I got my first taste of what I have come to call the “I hate my skin!” gibberish.

My youthful and pretty mom was all freaked about the skin on her elbows (“Old! Old!”) and the skin on her feet (“Old!” Old!”) She was so unhappy. 

Hating her skin.
There was nothing wrong with her skin that I could see. But apparently she saw changes that bespoke aging. She decided she would have to cover her arms to hide the shame of aging.
She was 35.

Her skin, olive & flawless, was beautiful all the days of her short life.Image result for images of older woman looking in mirrorjungleredwriters.com

Because of her, I decided early in life to LOVE my skin! (Hate my waistline, love my skin!)

Years of nursing would teach me not only to love my skin, but to appreciate it, and never talk bad about it.

The skin is the largest organ in our body.
It is our first line defense against everything.
It takes a beating!
It regulates our body temperature.
It produces vitamins and hormones.
It stores fat.
It prevents dehydration. We cannot live without it.
It is a sensory organ, sensing heat, cold, touch, pressure, pain.
It flakes its top layer off steadily and every 30 days the top layer is new.
Well, some of us don't flake very well so we need to buff the heels and elbows, etc.
Helping the top layer flake off is a nice thing to do for our skin.

S K I N  T O U C H

Our skin longs and needs to be touched. Babies who are fed, but not touched, will die.
As we age, we may become touch-deprived . 
Hugs, shoulder rubs, back rubs, foot rubs, rubbing our arms and legs with lotion, holding hands, sitting close to another person, manicures, pedicures, therapeutic massages & even swimming and bathing are ways to get skin touch. 
Having a spouse is a plus.
Perhaps having a lover on the side is an even bigger plus!  
Animals are good.
Not an animal lover?  Then just lay down on mother earth and hug her.  You will like it (if it is a warm day).  
Mud baths work for kids and dogs.  
Can't you just picture yourself and your old friends wallowing in mud!  
New playground for senior citizens: Public Mud Baths
Since our heads are getting lighter and our bottoms getting heavier, there would be no risk of our going down head first. 
Playgrounds for children usually say:  Under 12 years of age

Ours could say:  Bottom Heavy Seniors Only.
                          Thin Seniors: enter at your own risk.

A   M A N   W I T H O U T   H I S   S K I N
He was only 32.  The fire that half-way denuded him was a tragedy. He survived the fire, and it became our job at the local hospital to nurse him back to health. Those were the days before Burn Units and Specialized Teams.                                                 
We were so proud of the progress George made as we debrided his horrendous skinless wounds, bathed & dressed his gigantic skinless areas, and tried skin grafts. George required great quantities of pain meds to endure his treatments.                 
Three months into his hospitalization he suddenly died while up walking in his room. We had all become friends with George and we were devastated. And surprised.                                                  

 His doctor was not surprised because the extent of his burns was almost always fatal.                                                                                                     
Cause of death: Beri beri (a vitamin deficiency)                           
Yes, he was being given vitamin therapy. However, we need our skin for proper utilization                                                                
He just did not have enough skin.                                                   

No, I do not whine about my skin!
I am happy with my lovely, softly wrinkled skin.

Skin is GOOD.

I do nice things for my skin:
*I talk good about my skin.
*I oil my skin. 
If 3 months of daily oiling can turn a cracked stiff old DEAD leather saddle into a supple polished leather saddle, I figure oil can keep my LIVING hide from getting stiff and cracked!

*I take Vitamin E, the premier vitamin to protect skin.
*I take 5000 units...yes, 5000 units....of Vitamin D every day and I avoid sunshine because pre-cancer skin lesions have already visited me.
*I use my Japanese daughter-in-law's fresh concoction made in her Blendtec of cucumbers, green tea leaves and aloe vera to put on my face from time to time so that I feel springtime during and after the treatment.
I use Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin C & E from TruSkin Naturals daily.  It makes a difference.  
It makes a huge difference!

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I love my old skin. It is no longer peaches and cream, but SKIN IS GOOD. 
Besides, it has a right to look old. 
It has been taking a beating on my behalf for 26,434 days.

By the way, it IS possible to be a pretty old woman! 
Skin has nothing to do with it. 
It is all about the waistline, all about the waistline.

Oops, I am on the verge of whining!

Riverwatch, RN

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