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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Longevity. Interview # One

This is a follow-up post to the 
preceding post on What's the Point?

Longevity.  What's the point?
Interview # One
Is it worth the bother and pain?  

I start off my series of interviews with one of my smartest friends.
Jean is in her mid-70's.
She is shrewd about life and knows the difference between apples and oranges.

"Old people cannot be compared to young people".  A lifelong career in education, Jean is adamant about this!
 "We learn differently, we remember differently, we are not on a learning curve.  What we learn as old people we learn in an atmosphere of deteriorating brain cells."

Hard to debate that one!

Jean says, "It doesn't matter if there is a point to longevity or not.  It is what it is.  Some of us experience it whether we want to or not.  There must be a purpose, 
so the purpose must be finding the purpose.
I don't know how people face any part of life, especially old age,  without a belief in God.  I am closer to God as an aging person."

Old age.
The pasture for questing purpose to life and to grow closer to God.wall-pix.net

Too old to "quest"?

I bet you some younger person is looking at you and questing, trolling the mind, wondering!
Jamie Fellner of hrw.org

Perhaps we live for others?


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