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Thursday, February 25, 2016

What's the point?

Part of long life is living long after the point becomes pointless.

I know this because I do some hobnobbing with people past 90 who are still up and running , 
or at least walking, 
and not one of them seems able to figure out what the point of longevity is.

In various states of whining....loud, whispery, or apologetically......they communicate the pointlessness of life when lovers have died, friends have disappeared, food has become an enemy, all the senses have muted, sex is gone, mobility is such a challenge and ugly is entrenched.

Having once-upon-a-time been buzzballs of energy and accomplishment, 
having been at least somewhat esteemed,
 having received compliments (or at the very least, feedback) 
they now find themselves in uncharted water.

The uncharted water of pointlessness.

No pointers, no feedback (except negative but sometimes not even that).

Few peers and only stupid youngsters to comment on them as though they are mascots.

 What is the point of life after it becomes pointless?

If humanity is going to live to be 130, or older, we best be figuring out what the point is!

Naturally I don't know the answer, but I shall do a series of posts trying to arrive at some path through the uncharted waters as I continue to interview people unaware of the point of my interview!

Is longevity worth the bother and pain?  Why or why not?



At least these three old people can still "hang onto" their rescuers.
What if they couldn't even hang on?

Lots to think about,
Hope to see you later,
Please come take a walk with me and see what we can find.
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