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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lessons from Islam


Inspiration: Hizmet movement in Turkey

Hizmet is a civil movement by some brilliant peaceable Muslims, claiming or reclaiming the great peacefulness to humanity imbedded in Islam. 

Hizmet, a Turkish word, means service.

Being old and a bit "leary and weary" of service , I need their gentle education!
I may be a Christian, but I can learn from Islam, too.

In particular, Hizmet represents and teaches the following:

1. Reforming oneself and thus becoming a better believer and practitioner of faith

Yes, I need to be a better practioner of my own faith.

2. Serving something greater than yourself. Do not simply care for your own interest, but strive toward a greater vision.

I am a woman! 
I have ALWAYS been serving something greater than myself!  
Hence the "leary and weary" attitude.
No need for more focus here!  
I think #2 is for the guys.

3. Education is the key to the solution of our main problems:
Invest in education.
If you are young, able and willing, choose teaching as your profession.
If you are a business person, support a school financially.
If you are a parent, encourage sound education and for that help build a school in your neighborhood. 
In short, there is a way of contribution to educational initiatives for every person. 
Later other initiatives, such as media, hospitals, disaster relief and poverty assistance are initiated, and appeal to every segment of the population.

Agreed.  Spot on.

4. Not expecting everything from government. As a participant in a civil initiative, do something yourself, and do not delegate your responsibilities totally to the government, in similar tone to Kennedy’s famous saying “ask not what your country can do for you, but as what you can do for your country.” If you are a business person, do business, form partnerships and holdings, become rich and give charitably, with no expectation in return, back to your community.

Ok.  I am an American.  
I have (sadly) learned to expect from my government  double speak, blind avenues, disappearing print. But I agree, in theory, such a flaw in my government is not necessarily a minus, seeing as how it invites personal growth on my part.

5. As opposed to isolation from, or being reactionary to public life, be present at every institution of our society with the intention to serve, including the judiciary, bureaucracy, military, media, art and business.

I absolutely LOVE this. 

Here is educational coverage of my very flaws as an older person.  
Thanks to Hizmet's education, I am now dedicated to "being present at every institution of our society".
I have banished the here-to-fore disdain, prayed for fresh courage, and decided that serving others, a  path that can lead to ruination, is also the only path leading upward.

Appropriately managing service to others is an essential skill that is taught only in really keen families.

Having been raised by armed lunatics, I still have things to learn at age 71.

6. A successful synthesis or integration of religion, modernity, patriotism, democracy, science, arts, secularism and positive action.

Of course.  I am an American.        Image result for images of american flag

7. Outreach, inclusiveness, outward looking, integrationist. From a community to a Movement, from the transnational Movement to whole humanity, accepting everybody as they are, in their respective position.

Muslims are cool!  

Wish I knew some personally.

Thanks for the wave,