I've Landed!

Friday, August 28, 2015


When my sister caught a sick raccoon and she and my brother nursed him back to health, I steered clear.
Oh, once I took a little candy out to his cage and made sure he knew I sort of loved him.

Being offish about animals, I was not a suspect in his death. 
He died with traces of the candy bar still in his cage. 
“Who done it?” was never discerned.
See?  Traces of love often lurk beneath “offish”, but no busy person has room for that search.

I had no real interest in nursing animals. 
Or people, for that matter!
Yet I grew up and really did become an awesome nurse, even though I was “offish” about the whole nursing scenario.
How did that happen?
My mom with her romantic view of what it would be like to be a nurse shoved me into her dream.
But I want to be a school teacher!”
"Your scholarship is to nursing. Stop making a fuss."  Mom secured me the scholarship and you haven't lived until a parent secures a scholarship for you!

My awesomeness as a nurse was because of one thing: I prayed before entering any clinical arena and always prayed for every critically ill patient I took care of. I knew I wasn't really a nurse, but a school teacher masquerading as someone who wasn't “offish”.
I needed God desperately. And He worked miracles on behalf of my patients.

If you are good enough, nobody ever believes you do not love what you are doing!

Naturally because of my experience I see other people as actors and actresses and wonder what lies beneath! Even if you are excellent at what you do, I still wonder about you. Is that the real you?? Or are you living someone else's dream?

Being a school teacher at heart, and a nurse by profession, I am “into” passing on the word about meds.
Which brings me to Blue-Emu.

If you are old, I suspect you are hurting.
They now know it hurts when we are children, growing and stretching a body.
And it hurts when the body is withering and crumbling!

Which brings me to Blue-Emu.

I had heard Blue-Emu was a miracle topical ointment, but I don't believe in miracle cures from mankind. Heck, I am the skeptical nurse who barely believes in vaccinations!
Yet desperation made me do it.
I picked up the expensive jar of Blue-Emu and decided to try it. I do believe in topicals. My skin is absorbent and I bet yours is, too.

Blue-Emu. It is all it says it is. Yes. I put it on my hands and the pain and swelling are decreased.
No, I don't have to wash it off before handling food.
Yes, it softens my skin beautifully!
Yes, it decreases the pain in my feet!
Yes, it softens the skin on my feet. In fact, I am awed.

Blue-Emu is my new best friend.
It is worth every dime I have spent on it.

Thanks for listening,

Riverwatch, RN