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Friday, July 10, 2015

Living in the Instant

I am excited about the world we live in.

Belonging to an organized group of "medical helpers",  I have to tell you I take classes on Disaster Preparedness.

It seems more and more there is a growing concern for  the individual, ie, those of us who plan to be "responders", to think in terms of our own abilities to "survive a world turned upside down".

To whit,  if the rug is pulled out from under YOUR feet, what will be your immediate internal response?
Can you learn to cope with chaos, stepping over the dead and unsalvagable and continuing to take care of yourself and those survivors around you?
Take heart and faint not!

You are special.

Only at that point in time, living in the instant, will you access internal helps that you cannot now even imagine exist within you .

Naturally we would initially feel overwhelmed.

In fact, many of us feel overwhelmed when life is good but going too fast.
Slow down , we say.
Especially we say that if we are old!

When we feel overwhelmed it may be because we have confused our potential with our capacity.
We may have great potential, but far less capacity.

I loved the class on "expanding capacity".   It was so simple.
Want to expand your capacity so you are less overwhelmed?
Here are some ways we can do that!

*  Get 8 hours of ZZZ each night.     Image result for images of sleeping

*  Do fun stuff!!                                        Image result for images of old people having fun   sodahead.com                      

*  Exercise.

*  Use mental imagery to get hugs from those important-to-you people.....or accolades from the crowd....
    ......or walks through nature.  Use your mind to transport you to a restful place for just a bit.
Don't stay there in that imaginary place longer than 20 minutes.  Twenty minutes is the limit.

*  Look for and find a kindred spirit.                                      

*  Use humor to cope, even when, especially when, there is much catastrophy to cope with.

*  Forgive your enemies and move on.

*  If the bad, sad, negative little voice shows up, don't fight him, just invite him to sit and have cookies while you go do good stuff.

Image result for images you want a cookie,nicetroll.me

 Fighting him only makes him stronger.  Invite him to stay and have a snack, but remind him you haven't time for him.

*Nightmares are often caused by dehydration.  Drink water so your sleep is less troubled.

Image result for images of a drinking water in bedhomeremediestip.com

* Be real.  Come as you are.  Hang loose.

* Be aware.  Know the difference between potential and capacity.  Not knowing the difference between these two is dangerous.

Thanks for visiting.  I appreciate you.
Hang loose.  Come as you are.