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Monday, May 18, 2015

My Struggle With Being Humble

My favorite quote of Golda Meir:

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            Thank you. Spot on!  I feel better.

Israel's Golda did make a mistake, though, when she said there were no Palestinians
there on the land
when the Jews took over the land to make a nation! 
However, I know she was talking semantics:
There were Arabs, not Palestinians.
There was no nation.

A bit like when the Europeans immigrated to this great land of ours here in America 
and said there were no people here,
 only Indians.

As a hybrid  Indian, I don't think those Europeans were talking semantics.

                                 "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" by Dee Brown  is a history of America looking East instead of looking West.

"Westward Ho the Wagons" is no longer how I visualize our early
immigration and land grab in America.
I stand looking East.
       I recommend this history book to everyone who thinks 
the uninvited immigrants crossing our borders today
are horrible people,
criminals with bad intent.

I appreciate your visit today and wish you well,

PS    The big fight over land seems to be centered around Who Was There First.
         You know, entitlement.  
     "We were here first!"

         But as a person who walks daily through the misty fog of local polygamy
here in the southwest desert,
looking at  strings of women following one man,  
                                          I can safely assure all entitled people:
          it is definately not Who Was There First.  
     The real winner is Who Got There Last.

Life is fluid.
Entitlement sucks and is a set-up for a rude awakening.

And I am entitled to say that!!