I've Landed!

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Is old age a time of accommodation?  (and we aren't talking elder housing here!)

Accommodation is a settlement, an  agreement, an accord.

To some extent old age calls for accommodation.  

It is what it is.                                                          
It was what it was.

We are kind of comfortable with that when we get old.  We have learned to cope.

On the other hand, as attested to by some other bloggers, new things are cropping up for us as old people that we are having to .......accommodate:  
How people view us.  
     How we view outselves!  
          How "dismissed" we are since our time is "running out".  
               Our waning finances.  
          Our waning health. 
     Our dying friends. 

Accommodation, accomodation, accommodation!
Compromise, compromise, compromise.

It is often right to accommodate. 

But accommodation can be an uncomfortable peace.  
If your conscience is pricked by a lie you are living or simply "living on top of",  you have chosen an uncomfortable peace.

An image of negotiation is not the same as negotiating.  
In order for there to be negotiation, there has to be middle ground.


Old age really can be a nice time of freedom to be the real you!  

This kind of freedom is one of those good things usually appearing only after years of experience.  

So glad you are hanging around for the blessings!