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Monday, March 17, 2014

Healing Peace

Do you like to pray?

I do.  I find prayer to be the most powerful positive thinking avenue.
Of course we all have read the various news and research on the power of positive thinking.

It is Lent for many Chrisitan people now.  I have never really understood Lent, but hey, I do love this beautiful prayer that came with our recent service.   It occurred to me that you might like it also.

It is directed to Christ.

For your spiritual church around the world          
                          we ask new life.
For all who carry out ministries in your church    
                         we ask grace and wisdom.
For people who have accepted spiritual disciplines
                         we ask inspired discipleship.
For Christians of every land
                        we ask new unity in your name.
For Jews and Muslims and people of other faiths
                        we ask your divine blessing.
For those who cannot believe
                        we ask your faithful love.
For governors and rulers in every land
                        we ask your guidance.
For people who suffer and sorrow
                         we ask your healing peace.

Thanks for your positive thoughts, (prayers or otherwise)
and your visit to my blog.