I've Landed!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super Moon and Desert Addiction

So.....did you see the Super Moon last night or early this morning?  I did.  Last night just for fun and very early this morning as I was out for my walk.


I admit I miss the pine trees, and the green that comes with cloudy days and rainy nights, but I am now a desert addict.  Someone once told me when I moved to Arizona decades ago and was melting into a weak noodle, that I would become addicted, so not to worry about my early reaction.
"Drink water, eat salt, be happy."

The southwest desert is an expanse I have grown to love.

Turns out that sunshine really is addicting.

So is moonlight.

My teenage grandson was visiting, and he was in a reflective mood.  "Grandma, you know what is  strange when you think about it?  How puny ants are compared to us.
....And how puny we are compared to the earth.
    .....And how puny the earth is compared to the sun.
         .....And how puny the sun is compared to the universe."

Let's not forget how puny an atom is. Yet split it, and BOOM what energy!

Let's hear it for puny!!

Shine on ME,  desert moon!  Shine on me.

Shine on us.

Loving talking with my grandson
Under the desert moon,
Happy you visited my blog.  Thanks.