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Friday, June 14, 2013

How Valuable?

How Valuable?

Four decades of hospital work as an RN  (to include a probable total of one year dreaming about hospital work after I retired) and I have this testimony of physicians and nurses:

      I never met any doc who did not earn every dollar he or she was paid,

      I never met any nurse who was paid  as much as she or he was worth.

Riverwatch, RN

Do you remember in the 70's when Hillary Clinton came to Utah and announced that the most expensive waste in health care was .......RN's.   !!!!!   the price of RN's .
Do you remember that?
I do.
Because the Big Nurse Guru at the Health System hospitals where I worked came to our hospital around that same time to meet with us nursing leaders to advise us she wanted a written submission from each of us on what RN's in our hospital do "that any trained monkey couldn't do".

I never submitted mine.

I didn't even advise Ms Guru that there was something I could do that a trained monkey couldn't do:  I COULD WRITE ABOUT HER... AND HILLARY'S... SUBSTANDARD ASSESSMENT SKILLS AT A LATER DATE!

       I have written!
       I am vindicated!

Of course Hillary will never need our services.  She and all the other government guru's have tax-payer paid insurance coverage for a lifetime that would knock your eyes out!  
She will have RN's and Doc's galore to take care of her!
Why do we let them get away with it?
We do have power.  

We have the power of shunning.

Or we can sit back as old people , fully aware that crap rolls down hill......
and as the young people know, we all live downstream.
It is pretty much a waiting game.......unless you serve your country in Benghazi.