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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Protecting Our Brains

So.......many of us may live to be 100 or more & we certainly want to have brains to help power our lives, especially if we are going to be short on cash.
It's too much to hope for beauty, but not too much to hope for brains.

According to Dr. Neal Barnard, there is a 3 step plan that can protect our brains:
1.  Get rid of the metals, (iron, copper and zinc) in our pots and pans, in our supplements and avoid the foods that have too much of those metals, ie  meats and dairy and even fish.   We need these metals but we get enough of them in decent food.  Too much clogs the brain.
2.   Eat the power foods: broccoli, sweet potatoes, fruits, kale and beans.
 Make ourselves a shield of an umbrella of vitamins, especially E and B6 and B12 and Folate.
3.  Use "linking" to bolster specific memories.  (Want to know how to do that?  Read his book, "Power Foods For the Brain".)

Hope this gives you hope.

Saying a fond farewell to my darling cast iron skillets,