I've Landed!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

"What's wrong? Is it your general incompetence?"

I don't understand frog invasions & anime creating anime, but I sure could  relate to the above line in the kids' cartoon, Sgt. Frog!

"What's wrong?  Is it your general incompetence?"

That's a line I can use over and over in real life.  
How about you?  Is that a line you can use, or are you nice?

Well, it is not that I am un-nice.  (Don't you love the way I make up words?  I am worried I am going to start making up sentences and paragraphs!  If I do, pull me off-line!  and be quick about it.)

It is not that I am un-nice, it is just I have lost a lot of verve for Competence, now that I am skating on the edge of the Incompetence Rink.
 I feel that I am now initiated enough to sling arrows at the other incompetents!  "What's wrong?  Is it your general incompetence?"

I mean, give me a break!!!!   Just how long do those competent people think that Competence is gonna last?  Forever?  I think not.  It may reappear in Forever, but there seems to be a lot of humiliation on the way there.

Ok.  Ok.  I will go ahead and admit I am not hanging onto the railing of the incompetence Rink, but have actually drifted into the outer most lane!  Listing and drifting a bit.  Trying to keep my skates from moving inward to the big hole.

So since I am a pragmatist, I must, these days, re-evaluate Competence as a virtue!

To begin with, Competence is a heady thing, giving rise to pride.  Tsk, tsk.

Another  thing, Competence could possibly (or not) make you rich and if you are rich, well, now, there's a slippery slope for you!!  Oops.

Another thing, Competence feels good and brings false joy.  Cornering the market, we have little idea that the market is built on sand and our Competence is a gift we can lose.
False joy! False joy! False joy!

Competence feels so personal and so good we put on blinders, ignoring the incompetents of the world and the signs on our own pathway.  Like, we think Competence is a choice!  hahaha

Competence means others are gonna lean on you!  Chances are that will be a burden and you will struggle in ways that makes Christians turn to God  for forgiveness.

On the other hand, Incompetence is not without its virtue.  I am learning to be patient (tiredness helps), to give credit to God for any shred of competency I once had or still have, to have compassion for my fellow incompetents....to look into the eyes of  struggling maimed humans of whom there are many to find common ground on which to exchange the strength of understanding, caring and love.

Now don't go thinking I am seeking incompetence.  I am not.


But as incompetence has descended in bits and pieces and affected my life, it has brought a strange kind of growth and development with it.
When I am struggling, I remember my hero, Christopher Reeve.  What he would have given to have my physical challenges.   I miss him.

Having "less", I am more grateful.  Go figure.

Reserving the right to scream if I fall and break a hip,
I remain a work in progress,
Nice seeing your visit.