I've Landed!

Friday, November 2, 2012

"It's Old Age, Honey!"

Well, she is in her late 80's so I guess she should know about what is and what isn't old age.   But......it is possible she cannot see the forest for the trees.  
Of course, it was a class on "age related deafness", not on seeing.  And the crowd discussion was on old men who cannot hear what their old wives are saying!

"Get used to it", she said.  "It's old age, honey!"

Hummmm, are you positive that is "old age related?"  My "deaf " husband was young.

The underpinnings of the lecture was to encourage us to buy hearing aids "when the time is right."

As young people we needed ear plugs to tune out loud noises....... 
( our elders  at important  times!  & our kids at times) and if we didn't get those ear plugs at the right times, like at Rock Concerts, then  we may have "age related deafness"......no known cause, no known cure so it must be a result of aging, yes?

Bah humbug, I say!   Do more research!  
Not all old people are deaf and not all young people hear like charms.  
Hearing loss has a cause and if there is a cause, there can be a cure .  Please find it, researchers.  

Naturally it is easier to sell a $2500.oo hearing aid...a bandaid if you will....than do all the research.

  I do believe in hearing aids. 

But many of us wait, not only because of the financial investment but because if the hearing aid turns out to be a bummer to deal with and is not worn, we have made a poor financial investment.  We have all heard such tales of wasted money.  
We might be missing a word or two, but we aren't stupid.

I have another reason to worry about the aids: they are all computerized these days and I have developed a healthy fear (fear related to health, I mean) of the EMF (electric magnetic field) generated by anything that gets close to my aging brain.  
I am sure the reason UFO aliens are "the greys" is because actual people from another planet could never withstand the EMFs of the UFO Craft and therefore must send robots, ie, "the greys", to man the craft.

Actually I saw something the other day that has made me wonder if "the greys" are actually evolved humans, not robots!  

What I saw the other day was plainly earthly.....but .....so......alien.  I was trying to communicate with my grown son and he was glued to his smart phone, doing email or facebook or surfing the web or something. 
He was intent on his electronic job....his eyes were large, "fixed" and glassy....his lips were  drawn in to a thin almost nonexistent line....and his response to me was (are  you ready for this?)

His almost nonexistent lips never moved.  No emotion crossed his face which reflected electronic light from his smart phone, giving his face  a certain grey sheen.

     I am looking at a grey in evolution, I thought in apprehension.

Since it is taking me months, even years, to decide about using the simple technology of hearing aids, I guess  I myself could never fly a UFO!
But perhaps a great, great, great grandchild will. 

Of course my legacy of written words will never be "read".  
But maybe my great-great-great-grand "it" will zip my written words through a small machine, come up with a telepathic-"speaking" hologram of me, shave a pound or two off my love handles and brag that this is the family it came from!  

Or not.

Probably my telepathic-"speaking" hologram will end up in a museum labeled "anonymous"  or "unnamed, circa 2100" put there by my future family who wouldn't even be alive if it weren't for me.  

(I'm sorry for this rambling.  But don't the old old bones unearthed here on our planet "speak" to you in some mysterious way?  There's something going on there!)

Well, I shouldn't complain about great-great-great-grand "it" being ashamed of me.  When was the last time you heard me bragging about Aunt Neanderthal?

I wonder if Aunt Neanderthal knew that all our senses are integrated in our brain, so that if we need eye glasses and we wear our glasses, we can hear better?  That is a fact.  Integrated senses.

And if we wear our hearing aids, we can see better. And if we hold our spouse, or cuddle a pet, we both see and hear better.  Seeing, Hearing, Touching, Smelling, Tasting.....our 5 senses are integrated in our brain and support each other  to keep us in touch with our world. 

I think I've been leaning too much on Taste to make up for Hearing!  

Maybe I should buy a dog. 

Or rob a bank and buy a hearing aid.  

Just having a peck of fun,