I've Landed!

Sunday, May 28, 2017


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The wannabes. The Magicals.

They say they can walk when they have never crawled. 

 They say they can swim when they’ve never jumped in the water. 

 They say they can fix the engine when they’ve never read the manual. 

 They say they can perform when they’ve never been on stage. 

 They say they are an author when they have never written anything.

LaLa Land is a stunningly beautiful place.
No work is required.
Problems do not exist.
And when they do, they evaporate on their own.
Lalaland is a land of love unfeigned,
                                                                                    understanding, and caring,

                                                                        where one is young,       
                                                                                                      always young.                                                                                   

 Some of us have created a permanent residence in LaLa Land.
 Some of us visit daily.
Everything that exists in LaLa Land 
was created 
for that one person living there.    

The older I get, the harder it is to create LaLa Land!

The older I get, the more important it is to create LaLa Land!!

No wonder so many of the old-old look so wretched.  No more trips to LaLa Land.  Out of creative juice. 
Pass the applesauce, please.

I appreciate your visit. 

You'll know I can't find LaLa Land anymore when I throw my little bowl of applesauce at you!
As a nurse, I have had many a little bowl of applesauce thrown my way.  

Applesauce.  Always applesauce.