I've Landed!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Dang it!

I have to tell you a word that scares the heck out of me:   CENTRIST

Remember when Obama first hit the national scene and was touted as a CENTRIST ?
It was like
...dew on the flower 
.... a rainbow in the sky
.......a walk in the park
..........a breath of fresh air
.............a golden gleam from on high.

We did not know if he was a centrist who would occasionally throw a bone to the left,
or would occasionally throw a bone to the right.

But the word CENTRIST itself was so filled with refreshing water,
like a Saguaro Cactus 
on the desert.

"I don't think that word means what you think it means."

And then we heard his minister, Rev. Wright.
Ranting hatefully about our America.
Our land of hope with its open society and its on-going efforts to improve!

Things began to not add up.

Dang it.  
Not a  centrist.
Is he left wing....as in communist, socialist liberal, progressive (moving lefter and lefter until horizontal), secularist, feminist, anti-capitalist, anarchist ?
Is he right wing.....as in conservative, theocratic, nationalist, traditionalist, fascist, neo-ad-nauseums (moving righter and righter until horizontal) ?

But that's not important. 

 What is important is Who am I?.... and What label fits me?

I have to confess, I don't know. 
I would have sworn I was right-wing until I saw the word "anarchist" and  I "felt the fit".  
That puts me squarely in the left -wing camp.
Does leaning further and further right finally bring you to the left?
Dang it!

Just another brick in my bucket of "gee whiz" to carry on my journey.

And incidentally,  (speaking of my journeys) my journey out of Mormonism has lead me to a place where I can admit there IS something about Mormonism (other than the people) that I like !

42 years as a Mormon and I never ran into one shred, not even a whiff of anti-semitism.

You cannot even believe how refreshing and significant that is until you leave the Mormon Church, and run into anti-semitism.

Mormons are so pro-Israel that they want to be Israelites!!
I received a blessing in that church that told me I am an Israelite!
Out of the ten lost tribes, I belong to the tribe of Ephraim.

I bet that might be very surprising to the Jews who are of the tribes that are not lost.

But so it is.

In reality I am part American Indian.        Image result for images of girl on horseback moonlight

Straight across the ancient land bridge from Asia some of my ancestors came.
Would Ghengis Khan be disappointed to find I am of "the lost tribe of Ephraim" in the Middle East?
Being mean and all, maybe he is not so easily fooled.

Not to worry, Ghengis.
I do dream of riding a fast horse across the moors in the moonlight,
and in my dreams I am young, always young.

Image result for images of girl on horseback moonlight

Not really a Jewish girl,
or even a Jewish matron.
Dang it.

Thanking you for flipping through this one!