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Thursday, November 27, 2014

putting it into perspective and rehydration salts

Please keep this in mind when looking at "plagues":

There are 300,000,000 to 500,000,000 cases of cholera yearly.

100,000-120,000 deaths yearly are from cholera.
Deaths from cholera are generally caused by dehydration.

The World Health Organizations states that some home products can be used to treat and prevent dehydration. 


A home-made solution of one liter of plain water with table salt (one level teaspoonful) and  common sugar (three tablespoons) can be made.

     Quart of Water



The homemade solution should have the "taste of tears.
If available, supplemental zinc and potassium can be added to or given with the homemade solution.

Also, salted rice water, salted yogurt drink, and salted vegetable or chicken soup can be used.
  And a medium amount of salt can also be added to water in which cereal has been cooked, unsalted soup, green coconut water, unsweetened weak tea, and unsweetened fruit juice. 

Treatment with rehydration salts is also lifesaving in the early stages of Ebola infection.

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