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Friday, September 19, 2014

Earth Angel Day

Earth Angel Day

Yesterday was sort of a hellish day. 
 If you live in the Middle East, you will be appalled hearing me whine about hellish days in America!
Hey, cut me some slack!
Earth has more than one hot spot! And when your car breaks down, nay, when the engine burns up, you are possibly on a hot spot.

It was such a bad day it threw me right into the present. Completely.
No past. No future worth thinking about.
Completely in the present I was........and that is exactly where earth angels pop up.

Being stuck in the present, I became inadvertently somebody's earth angel.
I almost didn't talk to her. 
I thought about walking over to another area to sit alone, unbothered, and brood and wait.

But some power greater than I took over and I stayed and was nice.

"Helwo", she had said.

"Hi", I had responded flatly as I contemplated how to ignore her.

I notice right off something is not normal about her. Obviously she could drive, or she wouldn't be sitting in a car repair shop. But ….she seemed.............
ok, I will say it: “over-friendly”. A touch of desperation.
Being a nurse, I am not unaware of what social desperation means. People who others reject as someone to socialize with for whatever reason become desperately needy. Often that desperation means something is not-quite-normal.

Sharon is such a person.

She is alone. Well, heck, I am alone also. That doesn't mean anything.  Does it?

Like I said, a power geater than I took over and I became nice.

She gazes at me, sitting there looking well and healthy (I am a good actress) and she says, “I wused to have a wot of money. Mmmmusch wot of money! Can wu beweive I wused to own....buswess...my own bus .. bus..buswess?”

And so I begin to listen to and decipher a tale of woe that rivals the Middle East.

That is what brain aneurysms can do for you. When one ruptures. She was 42 and at a peak of success with a business she loved and a husband she adored when tragedy suddenly struck her.

Eight years. It took her eight years to get back to where she could talk well enough to converse and “be me again”.

Eight years during which she lost her business .
Eight years during which she lost her husband to another woman.
She is no longer a woman with money.
She now hates the man she once adored.

As we talk about that she comes to see that yes, she has changed, but in some good ways.
“You could not have survived all that illness, Sharon, without becoming stronger . Your husband found he was married to a stronger and different woman! That is hard on a marriage.”
She fingers the cross on a necklace and smiles.
“Yes”, she says. “I became rewigious.”

“He loved you, Sharon. But your life took a different path and now you are stronger.”

When I had to leave, Sharon tried to follow me.
That's how I know I was an angel for somebody who needed and deserved one.

Living in the present is the best way to live. 
 I should try it more often.

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